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Top Cold and Flu Supplements for Kids

Dear Dr.Kim

With school back in, I would like to have a collection of natural supplements on hand to help my kids if a cold or flu surfaces. Can you give me an idea of some things to look for?

H.S, Victoria


Dear H.S.

Great idea. I have a container of goodies that I use as a tool kit for caring for our kiddies. Here are some helpful suggestions for navigating the common cold and/or flu. In addition, you can deploy the immune boosters, when school goes back in session, you see that cold season has hit your community, around travel and to protect special holidays. There are many choices and options and so these are just a few of my faves. It is, of course, important to monitor your Child’s disposition, appetite, fever (if present), symptoms, follow your intuition and seek professional help, where needed. These suggestions don’t replace the individualized care of your trusted healthcare provider but give you some tools to navigate common conditions.

Immune Boost

  • Echinamide Anti-Cold Alcohol-Free Fresh Herb Tincture by Natural Factors or/
  • Echinaforce Junior (Chewable) by A.Vogel
  • Echinaforce Extra (Elderberry) Hot Drink by A.Vogel
  • Energy Boost by SISU
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin D



  • Oscillococcinum by Boiron
  • Kid’s Cold and Flu by Botanica

And see Immune Boost (above)


  • Echinamide Anti-Cold Alcohol-Free Fresh Herb Tincture by Natural Factors and/or
  • Echinamide Anti-Cold Cold and Cough Syrup by Natural Factors
  • Elderberry and Zinc lozenges by Now

And see Immune Boost (above)


  • Belladonna homeopathic
  • Kid’s Cold and Flu by Botanica

And see Immune Boost (above)

A couple broad stroke comments that are helpful to know for when you deploy these tools:

Most tinctures made for Children are in a glycerin-base, as opposed to alcohol. While alcohol can be evaporated out of a tincture for dosing, glycerin is pleasant tasting and makes the tincture easy to use.

Most formulas built for Children will indicate dosing but as a rule of thumb, adult dosing usually begins to be appropriate at about 12-13 years old (consider the body weight of your tweens and teens).

Many herbs that are anti-viral are also anti-bacterial so they can be used for cold and flu when you are unsure of the underlying microbe (assuming you are dealing with a mild to moderate cold or flu).

Finally, when you are using homeopathics –such as the oscillococcinum or Belladonna –then it is the frequency of dosing that makes them more effective. It is typical to work between a dose range of once per day to six times per day with the higher frequency considered more aggressive and fitting for a tougher situation.

I hope these suggestions get you started at building a supplement tool kit that you can have at the ready.

“Health from the inside out.”