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Best Iron Supplements 2023: Top Picks for Optimal Health

Iron is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in the body. From energy production to oxygen transportation, iron is essential for optimal health. However, getting enough iron can be challenging, especially if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet or have other dietary restrictions. Fortunately, iron supplements are an easy and effective way to ensure you're meeting your daily iron needs. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into everything you need to know about iron supplements. We'll cover how they work, what to look for when selecting the best supplement for you, and special considerations for different groups of people such as athletes and pregnant women. We've also compiled a list of our top picks for the best iron supplements in 2023 along with their detailed review and analysis. Lastly, we will compare different brands and forms of iron supplements to help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Understanding Iron and Its Importance

Iron, essential for red blood cell production, carries oxygen throughout the body and plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health. Different forms have varying bioavailability, and needs vary based on individual requirements. Ensuring enough iron is vital to prevent iron-deficiency anemia. National Institutes of Health recommend different daily values for iron based on age and gender. Iron stores are regulated by the body, and food sources or oral iron supplementation can help meet the recommended intake.

Role of Iron in the Body

Iron, an essential mineral, supports optimal health and energy levels by aiding in the production of red blood cells. When iron levels are inadequate, it can lead to low energy and fatigue. The bioavailability of iron from animal products is high, making them a valuable source for maintaining iron stores. Ensuring enough iron through food sources or oral iron supplementation is crucial for overall well-being and preventing iron deficiency. National Institutes of Health recommend a daily value of iron intake to avoid becoming iron deficient.

Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

Feeling fatigued and weak can be common signs of iron deficiency, while low iron levels may also lead to pale skin and brittle nails. Additionally, iron deficiency could cause shortness of breath, dizziness, and restless leg syndrome. If you've been experiencing poor appetite or unusual food cravings, it may be an indication of low iron levels. These symptoms highlight the importance of ensuring enough iron in your diet or through oral iron supplementation.

Risks of Iron Overdose

Consuming excessive iron can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort and adversely affect heart health. Toxic levels of iron can be harmful to the body, necessitating the supervision of healthcare professionals when supplementing. Individuals with iron overload should avoid iron-rich foods and supplements to manage their condition effectively. It's crucial to maintain enough iron for optimal health, but overdoing supplementation can have serious consequences. Adhering to national institutes of health guidelines on daily value and sources of iron is essential to prevent iron overdose.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Iron Supplements

When selecting the best iron supplements, considering the quality of ingredients is paramount. Additionally, brand reputation and trustworthiness are crucial factors. The effectiveness of iron supplements varies based on individual needs, making it important to choose one that meets personal requirements. Price and value for money should also be taken into account, as well as the type of iron used in supplements, which impacts absorption and side effects.

Quality of Ingredients

When considering iron supplements, it's important to ensure they contain bioavailable iron and may include vitamin C for enhanced absorption. Artificial flavors and unnecessary additives should be avoided, and the amount of elemental iron in the supplement is a crucial consideration. Additionally, liquid iron supplements provide an alternative form of iron intake, offering flexibility for those with specific preferences or digestive concerns. This ensures enough iron is absorbed and utilized effectively, supporting overall health and wellbeing.

Brand Reputation

When selecting iron supplements, it's important to consider brand reputation. Reputable brands often undergo rigorous testing for purity and potency, ensuring product quality. Positive customer reviews and endorsements contribute to a brand's reputation, indicating trustworthiness. Reliable brands provide transparent information about their products, instilling confidence in consumers. Moreover, healthcare providers frequently recommend well-established brands, further emphasizing their reliability and quality.


Iron supplements' efficacy depends on individual needs and absorption capacity. Optimal effectiveness is achieved with high bioavailability for better absorption. The choice between heme and non-heme iron and selecting iron bisglycinate or ferrous fumarate can significantly influence supplement efficacy. Tailoring iron supplementation to individual iron levels and absorption capacity ensures enough iron for the body's needs. Considering these factors contributes to selecting top picks for oral iron supplementation.

Price and Value for Money

When considering iron supplements, comparing the cost per serving is crucial in determining value for money. Some supplements may offer additional nutrients, maximizing their value. It's essential to balance cost-effectiveness with product quality and consider bulk purchasing for potential discounts. Additionally, the overall iron content per bottle significantly impacts the value for money of iron supplements. By evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision on the best iron supplement that provides enough iron and meets your specific needs.

Top Picks for Iron Supplements in 2023

Thorne Iron Bisglycinate offers high bioavailability and a gentle formula for easy absorption. Nature Made Iron stands out for its affordable and effective formulation. MegaFood's Blood Builder provides an organic, whole-food iron supplement, while Ferro-Sequels by Mission Pharmacal offers sustained-release iron. Solgar Gentle Iron is a top pick for its non-constipating form, enhancing absorption. These top picks cater to different needs, ensuring that individuals get enough iron without compromising on quality or value.

Trophic Iron Chelazome

Trophic Iron Chelazome provides highly bioavailable iron for optimal absorption, suitable for sensitive stomachs. Its chelated form minimizes gastrointestinal side effects, supporting red blood cell production and overall health. This essential mineral enhances energy levels and well-being, ensuring sufficient iron stores. According to the National Institutes of Health, oral iron supplementation plays a crucial role in preventing heart failure and maintaining daily value requirements. Trophic Iron Chelazome stands out as one of the top picks for iron supplements in 2023.

Iron Vegan Superfoods & Greens

Iron Vegan Superfoods & Greens offers a gentle, plant-based form of iron, derived from natural sources for optimal absorption. The added vitamin C supports healthy iron levels and enhances iron absorption. By aiding in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, this supplement contributes to overall well-being. The pineapple orange flavor provides an enjoyable way to ensure enough iron intake without forcing it. This new supplement is a top pick for oral iron supplementation, offering mg of elemental iron and supporting the daily value needed for optimal health.

Now Iron Bisglycinate

Now Iron Bisglycinate offers a highly bioavailable iron for optimal absorption, supporting healthy iron levels without gastrointestinal side effects. Gentle on the stomach, it aids in red blood cell production, promoting overall health and well-being. An effective way to meet daily iron needs for optimal health, this supplement is suitable for individuals with low iron levels, ensuring enough iron for the body's daily value.

Spatone Liquid Iron

Spatone Liquid Iron provides a convenient and easily absorbable form of oral iron supplementation, supporting iron levels and red blood cell production for overall health. Its liquid form ensures high bioavailability and gentle absorption, free from artificial flavors or additives. When taken with orange juice, it can enhance iron absorption and overall effectiveness. Spatone Liquid Iron is a new supplement providing enough iron without gastrointestinal side effects, suitable for individuals with low iron levels. It offers a natural way to meet the daily value of elemental iron for optimal health.

Sisu Gentle Iron

Sisu Gentle Iron offers a non-constipating form of iron, supporting healthy iron levels without digestive discomfort. This easily absorbable iron prevents deficiency anemia and is suitable for those with low iron levels and sensitive stomachs. It aids in energy production, red blood cell formation, and overall health support, making it a top pick for oral iron supplementation. With enough iron, individuals can maintain healthy iron stores, as recommended by the National Institutes of Health. Sisu Gentle Iron provides a new supplement option for optimal health.

Platinum Naturals Easyiron

Platinum Naturals Easyiron provides a highly bioavailable form of iron, supporting optimal absorption and iron levels in the body. Its gentle and easily digestible formulation promotes red blood cell production, carrying oxygen for increased energy and vitality. Specifically designed to prevent gastrointestinal side effects, this supplement offers overall well-being support without compromising effectiveness. With its focus on high bioavailability and gentle absorption, Platinum Naturals Easyiron is a top pick for effective oral iron supplementation.

Flora Iron+ with B-Vitamin Complex

Flora Iron+ with B-Vitamin Complex combines essential B-vitamins with enough iron for overall health support, energy production, and red blood cell formation. This iron complex prevents iron deficiency without gastrointestinal side effects, aiding in maintaining healthy iron stores and vitality. With a gentle form of iron, this new supplement ensures oral iron supplementation without constipation, offering an effective way to supplement dietary iron needs. The daily value of 18 mg of elemental iron makes Flora Iron+ a top pick for optimal health.

Smart Solutions IRONsmart

Smart Solutions IRONsmart provides a gentle, non-constipating form of iron supplementation, promoting healthy iron levels and red blood cell production. The supplement's formulation prevents gastrointestinal side effects, ensuring gentle absorption and supporting energy production, oxygen transport, and overall well-being. With high bioavailability, IRONsmart offers an effective way to supplement dietary iron needs.

Natural Factors Iron Factors

Natural Factors Iron Factors offers heme iron, a highly absorbable form of iron found in animal products, supporting healthy iron levels and red blood cell production. This supplement aids in carrying oxygen throughout the body, promoting energy levels and overall vitality. It effectively provides an essential mineral for iron needs, especially for individuals with low iron levels, supporting overall health. For those at risk of iron deficiency, Iron Factors is a valuable supplement to consider.

CanPrev Iron Bis Glycinate 25

CanPrev Iron Bis Glycinate 25 provides a highly absorbable form of iron to support healthy iron levels and red blood cell production. Its gentle formulation prevents gastrointestinal side effects, making it suitable for oral iron supplementation. This supplement aids in energy production, oxygen transport, and overall health support, offering enough iron for daily value. It is a top pick for those seeking an effective and easily absorbable iron complex, ensuring vitality and well-being without the risk of heart failure or iron deficiency.

Special Considerations for Iron Supplements

Iron needs differ based on health conditions and diet. Various iron supplement forms cater to specific needs and should be overseen by healthcare professionals. Understanding absorption and bioavailability is crucial for selection. Those with low iron levels should consider specialized supplementation. Additionally, different considerations apply for pregnancy, veganism, non-constipating options, and athletic needs. Considering these factors ensures enough iron intake and prevents deficiency. Monitoring iron stores and consulting healthcare providers is vital for optimal health.

Best Iron Supplements for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, iron needs increase to support the growing blood volume. Pregnancy-safe iron supplements can help prevent iron deficiency anemia, with folic acid aiding red blood cell production in pregnant women. Opting for gentle iron options is essential to minimize gastrointestinal side effects. It's important for pregnant women to consult healthcare providers for personalized iron supplementation, ensuring they get enough iron without overloading their iron stores.

Best Iron Supplements for Vegans

Vegan-friendly iron supplements are crucial to fulfill dietary iron needs, including plant-based sources like ferrous bisglycinate. High bioavailability forms of iron are essential for vegan iron supplementation, along with the inclusion of folic acid to support overall health. Moreover, selecting iron tablets with gentle, non-constipating formulas is ideal for meeting vegan iron requirements without discomfort.

Best Non-Constipating Iron Supplements

When choosing iron supplements, it's crucial to prioritize digestive comfort. Iron bisglycinate offers a gentle form of iron, minimizing gastrointestinal side effects. Liquid iron supplements ensure easy absorption and reduced risk of discomfort. The best iron supplements for sensitive stomachs focus on high bioavailability and low side effects. Non-constipating options cater to individual needs for optimal absorption, making them suitable for those with sensitive digestive systems.

Best Iron Supplements for Athletes

Athletes benefit from tailored iron supplements to support energy levels and red blood cell production during high physical activity. Meeting increased iron needs is crucial for oxygen transport and maintaining healthy iron levels. High bioavailability supplements prevent iron deficiency and enhance athletic performance, aligning with national institutes of health guidelines. Choosing top picks with enough iron ensures optimal health without risking iron overload. Athletes should consider oral iron supplementation from new supplement options to replenish iron stores and support overall well-being.

Guide to Using Iron Supplements

Understanding how iron supplements are absorbed is crucial for maximizing their effectiveness. Individual needs, dietary intake, and overall health impact the amount of iron required. Iron supplementation timing, such as taking supplements with orange juice, can enhance absorption. It's important to consider potential side effects of iron supplements, such as gastrointestinal discomfort. Consulting healthcare professionals ensures safe and effective use of iron supplements.

How to Maximize Iron Absorption

To optimize iron absorption, pair enough iron supplements with vitamin C-rich foods. Additionally, consider taking iron supplements on an empty stomach for enhanced absorption. Combining oral iron supplementation with heme iron sources from food supports absorption. Understanding the nature of iron stores and the new supplement aids in absorption optimization. For personalized guidance on maximizing iron absorption, consult healthcare professionals.

When to Take Iron Supplements

Timing iron supplementation between meals or on an empty stomach optimizes absorption. Avoiding calcium-rich foods or supplements when taking iron enhances absorption. For busy individuals, evening or bedtime iron supplementation is an option. Personal iron needs and absorption preferences are crucial for timing iron intake. Following healthcare professional recommendations ensures optimal iron supplement timing.

Side Effects of Iron Supplements

Side Effects of Iron Supplementation may include gastrointestinal issues like constipation, alleviated by selecting liquid iron options. Sensitive individuals might experience digestive discomfort due to artificial flavors in some supplements. Monitoring iron levels can minimize side effects and ensure enough iron for the body's needs. Understanding these potential side effects aids in choosing gentle, effective supplements, contributing to better overall health.

FAQs about Iron Supplements

What are the top iron supplement options for individuals with iron deficiency anemia? How does enough iron support overall health and energy levels? Are there specific recommendations for pregnant individuals' iron intake? What are the potential side effects of high iron levels and iron overload? How can oral iron supplementation complement dietary iron intake?

How do I Know if My Iron Supplement is Working?

To determine if your iron supplement is working, keep an eye out for improved energy levels and reduced fatigue. Regular blood tests can also track your iron levels and monitor any signs of improvement in your blood cell count. Additionally, observe if symptoms of iron deficiency anemia decrease. For personalized guidance, consult with a healthcare professional on tracking your progress.

Which Form of Iron is Most Easily Absorbed by the Body?

To enhance iron absorption, consider heme iron found in animal products. For gentle absorption, choose iron bisglycinate. Opt for ferrous bisglycinate to minimize gastrointestinal side effects. Additionally, select iron bisglycinate over ferrous fumarate for better absorption. Individual iron supplementation needs may vary based on the forms of iron.

Can Iron Supplements Help with Fatigue?

Iron supplements may help combat fatigue by improving energy levels and overall health. Adequate iron levels are essential for optimal well-being. If you're experiencing low iron levels and fatigue, consider discussing iron supplementation with a healthcare provider to address any deficiencies effectively.

What Should I Do if I Miss a Dose?

If you happen to miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember unless it's close to the next scheduled dose. Avoid doubling the dose to make up for the missed one. Always refer to the supplement instructions for guidance on missed doses and consider setting reminders or establishing a routine to minimize forgetting. If you're unsure about managing missed doses, consult a healthcare professional.

Can I Take an Iron Supplement with Other Medications?

It is important to be cautious when taking iron supplements with other medications. Avoid combining them with medications that reduce iron absorption and consider separate timing for intake. Discuss potential interactions with a healthcare provider and follow their guidance on iron supplement intake alongside other medications.

Comparing Iron Supplements

When comparing iron supplements, it's important to consider the types available, such as ferrous sulfate and ferrous gluconate, each with its own pros and cons. Additionally, understanding the recommended dosage and different formulations (tablets, capsules, liquid, etc.) is crucial. Some supplements also include beneficial nutrients like vitamin C, B12, and folic acid. Evaluating absorption rates and user reviews can help in making an informed decision about the most effective oral iron supplementation.

Comparing Price and Value

When comparing iron supplements, it's essential to evaluate the cost per serving and consider the value based on the amount of iron provided. Assessing the overall benefits in relation to their prices helps in finding cost-effective solutions that meet individual needs and budget. Understanding the balance between cost and value is crucial for making an informed choice. By carefully comparing different iron supplements, one can identify the most suitable option that provides enough iron and meets specific requirements without exceeding budget constraints.

Comparing Forms of Iron

When comparing forms of iron supplements, it's important to consider the bioavailability of each type. Assess individual preferences and tolerances for various forms of iron to ensure enough iron is obtained. Additionally, researching the benefits and drawbacks of different types of iron can help in making an informed decision. Considering absorption rates and potential side effects is crucial, and discussing form of iron selection with a healthcare professional is recommended for personalized guidance.

Comparison of Additional Ingredients

When selecting iron supplements, it's crucial to consider complementary additional ingredients. Vitamin C, known for enhancing iron absorption, is a common supplement companion. Folic acid and other essential nutrients also play a vital role. Their collective impact significantly affects the effectiveness of iron supplementation. Health care providers should be consulted regarding the inclusion of additional ingredients. Making an informed choice about these supplements is essential for maintaining enough iron stores and overall health.

Comparing Brand Reputation and Quality

When selecting an iron supplement, it's essential to research the reputation of various brands and assess their quality certifications. Customer reviews and healthcare professionals' recommendations can offer valuable insights. Considering brand reputation and quality is crucial in making an informed choice for oral iron supplementation. Ensuring the supplement comes from a reputable brand with quality endorsements can provide enough iron for the body's needs and help maintain healthy iron stores.

Are there any Risks in Taking Iron Supplements without a Doctor's Prescription?

Taking iron supplements without medical guidance can lead to iron overload, resulting in gastrointestinal side effects and potential organ damage. It may also mask underlying health conditions. Consulting a healthcare professional is crucial to determine individual iron needs and avoid the risks associated with self-prescribing iron supplements.