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Top Three Simple Changes to Upgrade Your Health this Spring

I’m going to make this one super short and sweet, because let’s face it – we’re BUSY. 

Spring is here, which means Summer is on the horizon. You want to get healthy. You want to live your best life. You are overwhelmed with all of the information floating around on the internet about fancy bio hacks, supplements, diets, meal plans, workout routines, blah blah blah. 

The warmer weather means you’re busier than ever, with many activities picking up, more social obligations and you find yourself paralyzed with indecision and just wish someone would tell you what to do and make it easy because you just don’t have the time or energy to spend hours and hours researching and planning. 

Never fear, Dr. Marita is here. 

Here are my top three simple changes to make that will radically upgrade your health this Spring. 

1. Eat Regularly

Don’t overthink this one. There’s not a magic diet plan, there’s not a complicated rulebook to follow. Just EAT. Like consistently. Bring snacks with you. There is enough information out in the world about what foods are healthy and what is not that you probably have a pretty solid idea to go on, but I will say– make sure you’re getting plenty of quality protein and healthy fats, fibre and eat your veggies!   Stick with wholefoods and try to avoid the packaged and processed ones.

With Spring and Summer, so many yummy local fruits and veggies are ready to be enjoyed.

So many of us, women especially, are running around on empty and wondering why we have hormonal imbalances, gut issues, anxiety and depression, or just FEEL empty. 

Our bodies need regular fuel for every single process it does. I know you think taking a lunch break will take away from your already packed day– but trust me it’s the other way around.

Eat. That’s it. Give your body consistent fuel. That’s the only rule.

2. Drink Water

Coffee does not count. Drink water– not juice, not soda, not milk, not alcohol, not whatever other thing you just thought of. W-A-T-E-R. 

Drink a glass when you wake up, bring a reusable water bottle with you for your day and finish one throughout the day, and then finish another fill of the bottle from when you get home to bedtime. Start with that, and notice how you feel. 

I don’t even need to tell you why drinking water is important because I know you know. 

Set reminders on your phone if you tend to forget while you’re working. It’s especially important to keep this habit up as the weather gets warmer. 

3. Go for a Walk

Get outside, get some air in your lungs, feel the sun on your face, and move your feet. You don’t need to run; you just need to walk and move your body. One foot in front of the other for a total of 30 minutes. 

You can break it up if that feels like too much – 10 minutes three times a day. You can even take a phone call while you’re walking, or make it a fun after dinner family activity. Just get up and go. 

Walking just 30 minutes a day can help improve mood, lose weight, and reduce risk for heart disease, diabetes, and more. 

The weather is beautiful right now with the shift into Spring and there are so many incredible sights to be found around this blooming city! You’ll be glad you did– I promise. 

How to Make These Changes Not Overwhelming:

Many of us are so stressed out, even the thought of trying to make these simple changes feels overwhelming. Start one at a time. Pick the one that feels the most attainable, and commit to that. When that feels like second nature, add in the next one. 

The beauty of these simple foundations for good health is that they will actually increase your capacity to cope with the pressures of life. When we are meeting our basic needs, it sends a signal to our nervous system that you are no longer in survival mode and you can begin to slow down. You will find it gets easier and easier to make these shifts, and begin to make others too. 

You’ve got this! Here is to a healthier, happier you this Spring.

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