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Three Commitments to Make in 2022

Can you believe that 2022 is around the corner? Isn’t it still 1999?!

With the ringing in of the new year, comes the deluge of resolutions, gym memberships, diet plans, and treadmill purchases as the world at large commits to better health, better habits, or an entire lifestyle overhaul.

But the thing about new years resolutions, is they are often grand, unrealistic, or just plain unenjoyable enough that only about 20% of goals set in the new year get achieved.

I would like to propose a solution to creating achievable, lasting, and meaningful changes for better health in 2022, and here are the three commitments that will help you get there.

1. Create Solid Health Foundations

Most health-related goals can be achieved simply by creating the foundations for good health, and it is these basic things that most people overlook. The eagerness for a shiny new product or a quick fix distracts us from what is really needed for a healthy body. I recommend focusing on mastering a solid foundation for your health before you try and take on any other health related goals so that you will be set up for success.

The Four Health Foundations

  1. Sleep - Ensuring you get regular, good quality sleep is a cornerstone to good physical health, weight management, and also mental and emotional health. I recommend going to bed at the same time every night, and creating a routine of shutting off screens at least an hour before bed.
  2. Hydration - Our bodies are 70% water, so keeping well hydrated is the key to an optimally functioning body. On average, most people should aim to drink about 1-3 litres of water a day depending on your health history and activity levels. Experiment with infusing your water with fruit or herbs for an extra incentive to drink more, and track your water consumption to make sure you’re getting enough. 
  3. Movement - We were made to move! Creating space for at least 30-60 minutes of movement everyday has big impacts on our health. A movement routine can be as rigorous or as gentle as your body needs, and can be as simple as a short walk. A little movement goes a long way in our sedentary world.
  4. Food - The food we eat becomes the building blocks of our body. What we eat literally becomes us as our bodies use our food to regenerate our cells and the food we eat has a huge determination of whether we experience good health or suffer from ailments of disease. Focus on eating whole, organic (where possible) foods and building a healthy balanced diet that is right for your body from there.

How to Set Achievable Goals

2. Set Realistic & Attainable Goals

The biggest reason why 80% of people fail to achieve your new years resolutions is because the goals they set are simply not attainable.

How to Set Achievable Goals

1. Be specific and action-based 

One reason why resolutions often don’t work out is we set goals that are vague and immeasurable. For example, setting a goal to ‘be healthier’ doesn’t have anything to be accountable for or any way to track your progress. Instead, sit with your goal and figure out what specific results you want to achieve, and what actions will get you there.

2. Start small & increase your goals gradually

As you begin to master the goal you’ve set, celebrate your win, and then adjust to a new bite-sized goal that pushes you a little further. For example, once working out twice a week feels like a breeze, add another day, and so on. Our brains thrive on achievement and you will be more likely to keep going if you can have regular wins!

3. Take on one goal at a time

I recommend steering clear of trying to overhaul your whole life all at once. Choose one goal that is most important to you, and focus on that until you’re in a good groove, and then begin to introduce another change. Remember, the key is creating changes that stick.

3. Progress over Perfection

This is probably the most important piece. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s never all or nothing, and progress should always come before perfection. If you slip up or fall off the wagon, acknowledge what happened and why. It’s an opportunity to grow even more and avoid the same pitfall in the future. Be kind and compassionate with yourself, and keep going. Progress is never lost, but perfection is an impossible standard.

Wishing you success in your continual expansion this year!