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Teenage Anxiety, Moodiness, Lack of Focus?

The developing mind of a teenager is exposed to many influences and pressures during the teenage formative years. These can include a variety of internal and external factors, including: hormonal changes, junk food, recreational drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, family relationships, school work demands and media/social media. All of these factors can affect our cognitive and mental well-being, and, can raise the stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. These stress hormones suppress the healthy functioning of brain cells and as such adversely affect cognitive function and mood, resulting in anxiety, depression, and reduced concentration, retention and mental clarity.

According to the 2015 Child Mind Institute, Children’s Mental Health Report, 80 percent of kids with a diagnosable anxiety disorder and 60 percent of kids with diagnosable depression are not getting treatment. When treatment is offered it is often in the form of prescription medication, such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety or medications to treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). None of these drugs address the underlying cause of the condition they treat and they may be accompanied by undesirable adverse effects. Ultimately, the best treatment is one that strives to identify and treat the underlying causes.

This multi-faceted approach does not necessarily produce instantaneous results, however, results will likely last well into the future.


In the mean time, fortunately, there are natural over-the-counter options in the form of time-honoured medicinal plants as well as specific vitamins, that work fairly quickly, with no side-effects to improve mood, concentration and memory.

When tasked with the formulation of a natural health product to help teenagers feel better, happier and enjoy better concentration and clarity of mind, I decided to select two formidable medicinal plants with a track record of efficacy and safety.

Rhodiola rosea, a plant that grows in and survives stressful sub-arctic winter weather conditions, has been shown in studies to lower stress hormones and to improve symptoms related to stress including, depression, anxiety, mental fatigue and poor memory.

Bacopa, a plant that grows in many parts in the world, has been used for decades in Ayurvedic Medicine to improve memory, cognitive function and mood. A variety of more recent clinical trials have confirmed its traditional use.

These two herbs, along with key vitamins and minerals are all in the formula, a natural health product called Rhoziva Teens. We’ve received great feedback from users. To find out more, speak to the staff at Lifestyle Markets, or reach out to me at

Make sure to read and follow the instructions on the label.