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Stabilizing Blood Sugar During the Holidays

Well the holiday season is here! This also means ALL THE GOODIES. From boxes of chocolates, advent calendars (lol @ eating one piece of chocolate a day), truffles, and all the holiday parties, it's easy to be tempted.  How do we navigate ourselves through this cacophony of food and stabilize our blood sugars?

Our friends at Natural Factors (a BC company BTW) have a line called WellBetX to help with balancing blood sugars.  Two products that come to mind are Cinnamon and Berberine.

Every vegetarian capsule provides 500 mg of pure berberine, the same concentration used successfully in clinical trials to enhance insulin sensitivity and prompt a hypoglycemic effect that supports weight management. By lowering blood sugar berberine minimizes the body’s production of insulin, the fat-storing hormone.

All WellBetX products are made with the highest quality ingredients. They provide essential nutritional support designed to balance blood sugar and promote cardiovascular health when paired with a nutritious diet and physical activity.

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