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Meaningful Gift Giving for the Holidays

Christmas may look a whole lot different this year for many of us, as we may not be able to come together with many of our loved ones.

There is no doubt that this one might be a tough one, but I also believe that we as humans have the power to make magic from our struggles, and this could end up being one of the more magical holiday seasons yet if we set our minds to it and remember what is really important.

For me, I’ve been thinking of how to give gifts that hold the most amount of warmth in these challenging times. How to capture the magic and the togetherness of Christmas and put that into something that will reach across the country or even the oceans where needed. Here are some of the ideas I had.

The Gift of Community

Many small businesses are struggling right now, and supporting local in your Christmas shopping adds a layer of love and community on to whatever treasures you find. Local finds can also come with the stories of the little book shop, the adorable boutique so that you can share the gift of where you are with those you love as well as lift up those around you.

The Gift of Health

There has never been a better time to make sure your loved ones are in good health. Pulling together a basket of their favourite supplements is a fun way to bring that to them. Not sure what they're into? You can always ask on the pretext of wanting to amp up your own supplement cabinet. Then add a bow.

The Gift of Touch

You might not be able to hug everyone you love over the holidays, but you can still give the gift of touch. Gift them a massage, or other bodywork treatment. Touch is important for our mental health, and sending them to get spoiled with a deeply relaxing massage is the next best thing to a hug.

The Gift Experience

There is no greater gift than time together. If you’re able to, taking someone on an experience, like to Butchart Gardens to see the still fabulous Winter gardens, or taking a day out to visit one of the beautiful beaches on the west shore of the island (With a pit stop at Shirley Delicious of course!) can make all of the magic come alive.

If your loved one isn’t here in Victoria, or you aren’t able to see them, think about arranging an experience in their area for them and then scheduling a video call so they can tell you all about it.

The Gift of Movement

Having a movement practice is one of the biggest keys to health and happiness. Many yoga and fitness studios sell passes you could gift. Or maybe the local climbing gym if they’re big on adventure! Is there something they’ve always wanted to try out, like Ballet, or Sailing? See if you can find a lesson package or an excursion you can book for them.

The Gift of Presence

One of the greatest gifts we can give one another is our presence, our time, and the gift of our connection. We may not be able to physically be there with everyone we love, but we can make a point of calling or better yet, video calling them in order to drop in and share this season together.

We could focus on what we’re missing, or we could lean in to the opportunities we have to come together in today’s technology age.

The Gift of Tradition

Now is as good a time as ever to bring you and your family’s creativity into motion and bring back some of the old Christmas standbys. Bring back the homemade Christmas cards, the long, personalized update letters, the homemade Christmas cookies sent via post. Remember there was a time when people were separated this time of year, but they found ways to stay connected.

Or create new traditions that will carry you forward and warm your hearts for generations to come.

I hope this list has inspired you to see the ways you can connect and share with those you love this holiday season. It may not look like what we’re used to, but it’s still Christmas. As long as we hold that in our hearts, we’re going to be okay.