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International Self Care Day

Why You Should Schedule an Appointment with You

Okay tell me for real, did you get in your self-care today?

Self-care is something we often overlook, push aside, or flake out on in favour of other priorities.

However, the outcome of this is never good. From the mild bad mood to serious health concerns, prioritizing our wellness is crucial in prevention.

July 24 is International Self Care Day, and so in honour of that, I’m going to give you a loving talking to about your self-care.

The thing is, you really only do get one life.

You only get one body.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to do any of the other things.

It’s cliche, but the oxygen mask analogy is the best way to convey this. You won’t be able to help someone else put theirs on if you pass out because you didn’t put yours on.

I know it may seem like working even though you pulled your back, or hustling and skipping out on family time is necessary, or harmless even, but each and every choice we make adds up to the sum of our lives, the sum of our wellness.

The reality is, at some point, you are going to burn out. Whether that’s physically or mentally, it’s going to happen sooner or later because you’re not filling your tank.

Types of Self Care

Beautiful womanMental Self Care

Mental self-care is about stimulating your mind and your imagination.

Examples: Read a book, listen to a podcast, solve a puzzle, write a story, make art, learn one new thing, visit a museum or an art gallery, see a play, attend a lecture or debate, watch a movie, solve a problem.

Physical Self Care

Physical Self Care is about taking care of your physical body.

Examples: Go for a walk, ride a bike, swim in a lake, do yoga, stretch, eat your greens, see a doctor for something ailing you, rest, have a nap, drink 8 glasses of water a day, go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep, get enough protein, avoid sugar, dance, getting fresh air, laying in the sun.

Emotional Self Care

Emotional self-care centers around regulating and holding space for your emotions and feelings.

Examples: Journal about what you’re feeling, make art, tell someone how you feel, talk to counsellor or therapist, feel your feelings, laugh, cry, practice self-compassion, scream in your car, punch your pillow, say affirmations, do things just for fun and joy, take a mental health day.

Spiritual Self Care

Spiritual self-care is about our connection to ourselves, and anything we hold in value “bigger than ourselves”

Examples: Prayer, meditation, getting fresh air, laying in the sun, being in nature, dance, art, mindfulness practice, yoga, journaling, connecting with poetry or art, listening to music, soaking in a bath, lighting a candle.

Social Self Care

Social self-care recognizes that social interaction is a key component of human wellness. Remember to base this on your individual needs, some people need more or less interaction with people and it’s all okay.

Examples: Spending time with a friend, calling your mom, social media interactions, participating in a group, setting healthy boundaries, date night with your partner, spending time with your kids, taking some time alone.

Practical Self Care

Practical Self Care is about doing the things in your life that you need to navigate through life with ease and minimal stress.

Examples: Taking a shower, packing a lunch, cleaning your space, doing your taxes, creating a budget, organize your closet, plan your day, create a to-do list, do your laundry, learn how to check the oil on your car.

Why We Skip Out on Self Care

The main reason why we skip our self-care is we value the needs of others above our own. We think that things like money, or our boss are more important than taking care of ourselves, or we think we’ll do it later and never do.

Another big reason is on some level, we don’t feel worthy of receiving time and care for ourselves. We feel we haven’t worked hard enough, or ‘earned’ a break.

But the thing is there will ALWAYS be something more ‘urgent.’

And rest is not a ‘treat’ that you have to prove yourself to get. It’s medicine, it’s prevention.

How to Prioritize Self Care

Okay, so this is a really really simple concept, that is going to challenge you and impact the way you approach self-care in a really big way.

I want you to schedule it.

I want you to open up your calendar app or your day planner. I want you to select a window of time tomorrow, and I want you to write the piece of self-care you need most and schedule it in that spot. I want you to set that slot as busy. I want you to protect that time slot like you would an important meeting or appointment.

Most of all, I want you to show up to that appointment. You wouldn’t miss a meeting you had scheduled with your boss, and I want you to show up with the same level of integrity for yourself.

If it helps, you can imagine a version of you waiting in the tub or at the gym for you to show up as a way to motivate yourself!

Happy Self Care Day!