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Better Digestion of High-Protein and High-Fat Foods

Bloating, cramps, and flatulence after a meal are not only uncomfortable, but area sign of incomplete digestion. This may be especially common when following a ketogenic or paleo diet, which are high in protein and fat from foods such as dairy products, eggs, and meat. Metabolizing high-caloric meals of protein- and fat-rich foods increases the body’s need for digestive enzymes. This includes pancreatic enzymes that help break down and release macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids for use by the body. Without enough enzymes, nutrient absorption drops and incomplete digestion prevails, giving rise to food intolerances, gastrointestinal inflammation, and yeast overgrowth.

Natural Factors Keto Paleo MacroGest is a unique full-spectrum enzyme formula that decreases bloating and promotes intestinal balance by enhancing the digestion of protein-rich and high-fat foods. This intensive-strength blend includes highly active proteolytic enzymes to break down protein and lipase, to metabolize dietary lipids and amylases that degrade starches and other digestible carbohydrates. It also contains bromelain from pineapple, papain from papaya, and serratiopeptidase – “the miracle enzyme” – to help digest protein and support the body’s normal inflammatory response. Rutin is included for its antioxidant activity as well as amla, a fruit traditionally used to ease digestive discomfort and heartburn.

Keto Paleo MacroGest is a non-GMO, gluten-free replacement for our discontinued Pancreatin Plus Enzymes formula. Each daily vegetarian capsule contains 110 mg of pancreatic enzymes that are eight times stronger than standard and 63 mg of high-enzyme activity blend, including microbial enzymes for activity at a greater pH range. By enclosing the enzymes within a delayed-release capsule, they remain intact while passing through the acidic stomach environment and are absorbed through the small intestine. This is an optimal choice for anyone looking to rejuvenate their life through better digestion of protein-rich and high-fat foods.