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7 Libido Boosting Tips

Sometimes it takes more than flowers and chocolate to set the mood. A low libido can sometimes be a sign of a deeper health issue such as a hormone imbalance, but sometimes it's just in need of a good old fashioned rev up.

With love still lingering in the air from Valentine’s day, I thought it was a great time to provide some tips for boosting your sex drive to create even more love this year.

No matter what age (lower or higher end of the age spectrum), a lower libido can strike at any year of your life for a whole collection of reasons some of which may include: low testosterone, menopause, low mood, stress, relationship issues, prescription medications, sleep apnea/sleep disturbances, and drug or alcohol use. 

Libido Boosters


1. Take Care of the Basics - Making sure you have a healthy foundation goes a long way in and out of the bedroom. Getting plenty of sleep, movement, and eating well and staying hydrated are the building blocks for good sex. Consider also checking your hormones if all the basics are being met – work with your health care provider in order to investigate testosterone, stress and thyroid hormones, and make sure all nutrient levels are in optimal range.


2. Chill Out - Prioritizing low stress and R&R is crucial for arousal. A nervous system that is in fight or flight believes you are fighting for your life– and isn’t going to prioritize arousal. Stress supportive nutrients such as