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Bile-Force provides a high-quality, US-sourced, bovine ox bile extract, containing bile acids (>45% cholic acids) as a powerful emulsifier on large fat globules, converting them into tiny globules within the small intestine. Secondly, Bile-Force contains a potent blend of two lipase enzymes (plant- and animal-based) which act upon these smaller fat globules, breaking them into absorbable fatty acids.

As an added feature, the formula provides slippery elm bark powder to help soothe the intestinal lining. This unique and effective combination of bile salts with lipase enzymes is unequaled in its ability to support fat digestion and is a perfect complement to Enzyme-Force, Prairie Naturals all-purpose digestive enzyme.


Bile salts (Bos taurus bile) Ox bile extract (45% cholic acids) - 45 mg

Lipase (Aspergillus niger) (triacylglycerol li10,pase) - 78 mg (800 FCC LU)

Pancreatic enzymes (Bos taurus pancreas) Bovine 8X - 50 mg

10,000 USP units amylase

1600 USP units lipase

10,000 USP units protease

Slippery elm (stem bark inner) (Ulmus rubra) - 80 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients - gelatin (encapsulating agent), magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose


Adults take 2 capsules 1-2 times daily 

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