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Active Liver tablets are one of New Nordic's most popular products. With its content of milk thistle, turmeric and globe artichoke, it helps protect the liver, supports liver function and aids in digestion.

Now, we are launching the Active Liver Gummies as a new and tasty way to support your liver daily. 3 gummies will provide you the exact same content of the herbal ingredients, as 1 tablet of Active Liver, but in a much tastier version.

* With maltitol and erythritol

Medicinal Ingredients:

Globe artichoke extract (Cynara scolymus L.), leaf (10:1) 75 mg
Milk thistle extract (Sylybum marianum L.), fruit 66.7 mg
Turmeric rhizome extract (Curcuma longa L.), rhizome (10:1) 50 mg

Maltitol syrup, erithrytol, glycerin, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, peach and mango flavour, annatto extract

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