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Red American Jujube Dates
Whole Jujube Dates (Ziziphus jujuba)*
*Certified Organic Whole Jujube Fruits

Suggestions for use:
Eat 1-4 dates per day – OR – make a ‘tea’ by adding 4-8 dates per litre of boiling water. Add other herbs you desire to make a ‘tea blend’ or leave plain for an enjoyable sweet malty tasting tea. Rip apart each dates and decoct (simmer) for 20-60mins. Once soft, mash with a fork for a sweeter taste and strain into a clean vessel for drinking. Drink alone or use as a base to your favourite smoothie or elixir – hot or cold. Enjoy!

Add 1-2 scoops or more if desired to your favourite smoothie, elixir, juice, or other culinary creation


Organic Whole Dried Jujube Fruits

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