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Creamy and cheezy queso with none of the dairy or nuts! Our Original Queso is filled with all the flavors of a fiesta and is sure to delight. Our unique recipe incorporates bold flavors like cayenne and cumin to make each bite more crave-worthy than the next. Try it warmed up drizzled over tortilla chips or just dip right from the jar. Go ahead! Put Good on Good.

*Virgin Olive Oil, Filtered Water, *Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, *Hemp Seeds, Nutritional Yeast, *Minced Garlic, *Minced Onion, *Diced Tomatoes, Grey Sea Salt, *Green Banana Flour, *Paprika, *White Chia Seeds, *Cumin, *Cayenne Pepper
*Organic (made with 87% Organic Ingredients.)
May Contain Sesame

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