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Organic certified, Gelatinized Black Maca

  • Libido & Energy & Stamina Booster
  • Men’s Fertility; Improved Sperm production and mobility
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Gelatinized form-more bioavailable form/Gentle on stomach

Traditionally, Maca was taken to help improve the stamina and energy of Inca warriors before they went into battle. Studies have shown that Black Maca specifically helps increase libido, hormone levels and even increase sperm count and motility in animal studies.

Black Maca was also shown to have beneficial effects on learning and memory in animal studies. Traditional central Peruvian populations use maca to help children improve school performance.

Maca, in general, is a potent herb that can regulate the endocrine system, which consists of glands that produce hormones necessary for essential body functions. Maca has been found to increase a person's energy levels, encourage growth, and stimulate metabolic functions. Maca root works effectively for both men's and women's hormonal imbalance as it regulates the hypothalamus-pituitary gland, which produces precursors to male and female hormones.

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