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Curelle Riche Conditioner is an exceptionally mild, concentrated conditioner that softens hair, enhances manageability and adds body, bounce, and elasticity.


Apply normal amount onto palms or fingers then work throughout hair or ends. Rinse well or leave in. Leave in longer for extra conditioning. Riche also performs as a light rinse by utilizing less and rinsing out quicker.


Aqua/Distilled Water; Behentrimonium Methosulphate (not related to the toxic sulphates) (derived from Colza Oil); Hydrolyzed Oats; Cetearyl Alcohol (non drying); Lonicera Japonica; Citric Acid

All products are unscented, gluten free, vegan, don’t contain GMO’s, no animal testing, plant derived preservative, 100% of ingredients are plant derived. There are also no toxic chemicals added to neutralize scents, these are typically added but not listed on labels. Cleansing/foaming ingredients are not preserved. The only preservative is what we add.

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