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Ultimate Colon Conditioning Formula ....Safely Addressing Gas, Bloating, Constipation, Detoxification, AND Colon Cleansing.


A specially formulated compound of chiefly Mg0 and beneficial gases (o3) bound by a unique private process to release nascent oxygen by catalysis plus rosehips powder with bioflavonoid complex as catalysts. 


Stir half to one heaping teaspoonful as often daily as is desirable on an empty stomach or between meals into 6-8 ozs. of PURE water and swallow. Follow with sufficient lemon juice (1/4 to 1/2 fresh lemon) with an additional 8oz. water to dissolve powder, setting free the beneficial OXYGEN for action. USE A DRY SPOON. Daily ration varies according to intended purpose. GUARANTEED HARMLESS. SAFE, GENTLE, AND EFFECTIVE. USEABLE BY YOUNG AND ADULT. INTERNALLY OR EXTERNALLY.

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