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Copper is a trace mineral required by the body for a variety of functions.  These include: aiding in the formation of bone, helping to build red blood cells, and working with zinc and Vitamin C to produce the connective tissues collagen and elastin.  Furthermore, copper is necessary for taste sensitivity (along with zinc) and is needed to maintain hair and skin coloring.  A lack of copper has been linked to greying hair and vitiligo.

Co-factors for copper are zinc, and Vitamin C.  This means, in effect, that if your copper levels are too high, it will deplete your body of zinc and Vitamin C.  Conversely, a high intake of zinc and/or Vitamin C will deplete you of Copper.  Fortunately most multivitamins will contain Copper along with zinc, and some Vitamin C as well (though not enough for our daily needs).

Because Copper is a trace mineral, we do not want to take more than 1-2 milligrams per day, unless advised to do so by a health professional.  When we have excess Copper, whether through taking too much in supplemental form, or from using water that runs through copper pipes, can cause some serious health issues.

Ailments linked to excessive copper include: eye problems, and cognitive impairment.

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