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  • For daytime indoor and outdoor use
  • Anti-reflective coating on UV 400 lenses
  • Light gold stainless-steel and mottled grey acetate frame
  • Foldable hardshell glasses case
  • Microfiber lens cleaning cloth
  • Lightweight
  • UV 400 yellow lens indoor to transition to grey lens in sunlight
  • Blue light blocking
  • Polarized (reduces glare) lenses
  • Photochromic lenses darken and lighten as the outdoor light changes to block 99% of UVA/UVB
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Blocks approximately 75% of blue light

TrueDark® yellow lensed eyewear is ideal for users who work/live/play in environments that are lit with artificial blue light emitting fixtures and are exposed to long periods of time utilizing blue light emitting devices (TVs, computers, tablets, phones, etc. Yellow lensed glasses are ideal for people who suffer from disrupted sleep-wake cycle/circadian rhythms. Yellow lensed eyewear is also ideal for shift workers as they can be more sensitive to artificial lighting during the dark-hours they are awake, which disrupts their natural sleep-wake cycle/circadian rhythm.

An optimal 75% of blue light is blocked with our yellow lenses.  Our transition yellow lenses are ideal blue light blockers for extra-sensitive eyes.  If you are less sensitive, try our clear transition lenses for daytime indoor and outdoor use.

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