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Natural Factors Sustainability & Factors Farms

Have you ever thought about where your natural health products come from? If you're a fan of Natural Factors, one of the largest manufacturers of such products in North America, the answer is quite literal: from the ground up. 

Every aspect of Natural Factors' business, from soil and seeds to farming practices and production, is built on a strong foundation of safety, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. But where did this commitment begin?

The Birth of a Vision

Picture this: the breathtaking Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, known for its pristine environment and fertile land. This was the spot that Roland Gahler, the founder of Natural Factors, chose 25 years ago as the location for Factors Farms. Why? Because he passionately believes in taking care of the land.

Roland's Dream, Realized

"I wanted to create a place where we could control the entire process," Roland once said. His vision was cultivating the best quality, organic, non-GMO medicinal plants. And he succeeded, largely due to his understanding that healthy soil equals healthy plants, which leads to healthy people. As part of this vision, Natural Factors have turned sustainability into a guiding principle for Factors Farms and their entire operation.

The Heart of Sustainability: Factors Farms

Factors Farms is more than just a farming operation. It symbolizes Natural Factors' commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Here are some of the standout ways they keep that commitment alive:

  • Organic Farming Practices: The farm strictly adheres to organic farming practices, preserving the land's natural fertility.
  • Non-GMO Seeds: All seeds are non-GMO, contributing to biodiversity and ensuring the purity of natural health products.
  • Sustainable Water Management: The farm uses sustainable irrigation systems to conserve water.
  • Composting and Crop Rotation: These practices are integral to maintaining and enhancing soil health, leading to nutrient-dense crops.

The Impact

But why does all this matter to you, the consumer? Besides the feel-good factor of supporting a company that respects the planet, there's a direct impact on the quality of the products. Organically grown, non-GMO medicinal plants have higher nutrients and are free from harmful chemicals. That means you're investing in your health and contributing to a sustainable future.

The Takeaway

Next time you reach for a Natural Factors product, remember that there's a whole lot of love, care, and respect for the planet that goes into it. And that's a product worth investing in. So, are you ready to make an informed decision about your health and the planet?

By choosing natural health products that prioritize safety, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility, we can each play a part in ensuring the well-being of our planet for generations to come.