Sisu: Ester-C Supreme Powder (125g)

Sisu: Ester-C Supreme Powder (125g)

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Ester-C® Supreme Powder helps to support a healthy immune system.
Ester-C® Supreme provides advanced immune support and is enhanced with bioflavonoids from berries recognized for their antioxidant properties, immune-boosting Larch arabinogalactan, and quercetin, another powerful antioxidant with anti-histamine properties, particularly beneficial during allergy season.


Ester-C® is a unique, patented form of calcium ascorbate, which is made when ascorbic acid (regular vitamin C) is buffered with calcium using a water-based process
The calcium in Ester-C® provides part of your daily calcium requirements
Ester-C® contains active vitamin C metabolites including L-threonate, which enhance cellular absorption and retention
Ester-C® is the only form of vitamin C that has been proven to last up to 24 hours in the white blood cells of the immune system
Less acidic and easier on the stomach than ascorbic acid
Enhanced with quercetin, a bioflavonoid and powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties
Added bioflavonoids from berry fruits for superior vitamin C absorption
Arabinogalactan is a type of polysaccharide that offers additional immune support during stressful times and the cold and flu season
Ester-C® has a clinically-proven, higher bioavailability and retention rate than other forms of vitamin C


Take 1 gram (¼ teaspoon) twice daily or as directed by a health care practitioner.


Each ¼ teaspoon (1 gram) Contains:
Medicinal ingredient(s):
Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) 638 mg
from Ester-C® brand calcium ascorbate
Arabinogalactan (Larix occidentalis) bark 100 mg
Quercetin (fruit) 50 mg
Multianthocyanidins (berry/fruit*) 50 mg
*bilberry, cranberry, black currant, grape

Dietary Needs

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

Does not contain

dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, added flavours or sweeteners, artificial colours, fillers or additives.

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