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MegaFood: Multi For Women 55+ (60 Tablets)

You're passionate about staying happy and healthy, and care about what you put into your body. We are passionate about making the very best vitamins to support your health. MegaFood's farm-fresh supplements contain real, nutritious whole foods and are...

Progressive: Chewable Multi Adult Men (60 Tablets)

Progressive Chewable Multi for Adult Men is the perfect choice for anyone who has trouble swallowing pills. It addresses the nutritional needs of a modern lifestyle in a delicious Natural Citrus flavour. INGREDIENTS: Medicinal Ingredients: 1...

Progressive: Multivitamins for Kids (60 Chewables)

While your children are growing and maturing the nutrients they consume play a critical role in ensuring not only robust health, but also their proper development both physically and mentally. Progressive Multivitamins for kids offers a...

What is a Multivitamin?

A multivitamin product is designed to provide essential nutrients in one place.  Ideally, what they can contain is sufficient B vitamins, small amounts of vitamins A, C, D, E, and enough minerals like, chromium for blood sugar regulation, calcium and magnesium for bone health, and selenium and zinc for immune support.

It is important that multivitamins, like all isolated nutrients, be taken with food.  This is in part, because isolated nutrients, even when combined with others, require many other nutrients for proper assimilation.  Another reason it is beneficial to take multivitamins with food is that chewing real food releases digestive fluids, and enzymes, that help to properly digest the nutrients in the pills.