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3 Brains: Brain Defense (90 Vegetarian Capsules)

Brain Defense is a blend of five herbal extracts, selected for their effectiveness in supporting cognitive, cardiovascular and intestinal health while reducing the effects of mental and physical stress. INGREDIENTS: Each vegetarian capsule contains:...

3 Brains: Brilliant Mind (90 Soft Gels)

Brilliant Mind is specifically formulated to support cognitive and cardiovascular health by combining nutrients that nourish both the brain and heart. Omega-3 fatty acids support cardiovascular health, enhance cognitive function, and have...

3 Brains: Cloud Nine (90 Enteric Coated Tablets)

Helps promote healthy mood balance by supporting a balanced response to stress, improving sleep and curbing appetite, particularly carbohydrate-rich food cravings. It contains vitamin B6, inositol, 5-HTP, and saffron extract, which together can promote a...

3 Brains: Memory Boost (120 Vegetable Capsules)

Memory Boost promotes mental clarity by enhancing both memory and cognitive function. This comprehensive formula contains seven brain-boosting nutrients, extracts, and antioxidants that work together  to supply the brain with energy, to protect...

Baie Run: Feline Run Omega3 - Ocean Fish Flavour (140ml)

They say cats have nine lives. Make the most of each and every one of them with FelineOmega3. A pure and potent human grade fish oil with a balanced EPA + DHA ratio, FelineOmega3 is a great daily addition to your cat's diet to promote optimal health and...

Brad King: Ultimate Prostate (90 Capsules)

What to expect from this product: Maintain Prostate Health Help Reduce Difficult Urination Reduce Symptoms of BPH Ingredients Each 3 Capsules Contain: Vegapure® FS Phytosterols (45% Beta Sitosterol)... 300 mg Nettle (Urtica dioica) Powdered...

Bulletproof: Calcium D-Glucarate (90 Capsules)

Bulletproof Calcium D-Glucarate has got your back and your liver when it comes to helping you get rid of the environmental toxins you encounter every single day. INGREDIENTS: Serv Size: 1 Capsule Calcium (as 500mg Calcium D-Glucarate)     ...

Bulletproof: Sleep Mode (60 Softgels)

Your brain works hard while you sleep. Bulletproof Sleep Mode is a proprietary blend of plant-based, bio identical Melatonin and L-Ornithine to support healthy sleep, and Bulletproof Brain Octane oil provides energy your body requires while sleeping,...

Dr. Whitaker: BP Essentials (180 Capsules)

BP Essentials formula gives you the research doses of some of the strongest nutrients nature has to offer for maintaining healthy blood pressureåäÛÓsupporting everything from normal blood volume to the elasticity of your blood...

Dr. Whitaker: Cholesterol Essentials (120 Softgels)

An advanced cholesterol support system that helps to support health cholesterol levels.  Plant Phytosterols Research has shown that taking a supplement containing plant sterols helps to lower total and LDL cholesterol by reducing the body’s...

Dr. Whitaker: Forward Plus Daily Regimen (60 Packets)

The Forward Plus regime provides a superior combination of nutrients for supporting the health of your heart, bones, immune system, brain and much more. Forward Plus provides unprecedented cardiovascular support with natural vitamin E and fish oil for...

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For many people living in Toronto and Victoria, Canada, there is a need to supplement their diet with additional vitamins. Although most of the time people can get enough nutrients from a healthy diet, there are certain times in life (for example old age, pregnancy, during stressful periods of when suffering from illness), when additional nutritional support can help. If you need quick, easy access to premium online vitamins and online supplements, we have the selection you are looking for.

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Our aim is to bring you the very best vitamin and mineral supplements from leading manufacturers, but for an affordable price. We source our products carefully, offering our customers cost-effective options from brands such as NutraCleanse, BulletProof, Garden of Life and many more. In addition to helpful nutrients for potentially enhancing well-being and sporting performance, we also stock supplements which target particular areas of the body – for example complexes which promote joint health.

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With many of our customers seeking a healthier, plant-based lifestyle, we are pleased to offer a good selection of non-GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives.