Terra Wash +Mg: Eco Laundry Sachet (1/pk)

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Product Overview

‚ÄãTerra Wash+Mg® is 100% mineral based, non-toxic, eco laundry detergent replacement. 
One sachet will clean and deodorize your laundry better than standard laundry detergent.
Terra Wash+Mg® is reusable for 365 washes, literally a few pennies per use. 
It is naturally anti-bacterial, non-toxic with zero synthetic chemicals, keeps the washing machine hygienic, and is only 14 cents per wash.

Q: Forget to take out Terra Wash+Mg and leave it in a washing machine all day or overnight? Will it damage a laundry machine or affect Terra Wash+Mg’s cleaning property?
A: No, it will not damage a laundry machine. However, leaving Terra Wash+Mg in wet place like in a washing machine for long hours when not in use may facilitate unnecessary oxidation,
which may shorten the product life cycle and lower product performance, so make sure every time to air dry after use.
Q: Can you use Terra Wash+Mg three times a day or can it be used consecutively?
A: Yes, you can and you can use Terra Wash+Mg consecutively. The effects are same even if you use Terra Wash+Mg more than three times a day or consecutively.
Q: Can you use bleach with Terra Wash+Mg?
A: Yes, you can. However, DO NOT USE chlorine-based bleach. Oxygen-type bleach should work well with Terra Wash+Mg.
Q: Can you use softener with Terra Wash+Mg?
A: Yes, you can. However, fragrance may possibly be weaken due to Terra WashÔºãMg’s strong power to remove odor.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review