Singing Bowl Granola: Giving Granola (400g)

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Giving Granola is a Tropical Delight, a piña colada style granola. Fair Trade Mango, Pineapple & Coconut, and a hint of Lime.

What’s more, we share the profits with some of the people who provide the ingredients. Every time you buy a bag of Giving Granola you are supporting the direct fair-trade practices between Level Ground Trading and the fruit producers. You are contributing directly towards improved housing conditions for the Colombian women who prepare the fruit. You are supporting an independent Canadian business. You are treating yourself to a delicious, wholesome, good karma breakfast. 


Organic Rolled Oats; Honey; Canola Oil; Coconut Strips; Lime Juice; Dried Mango; Dried Pineapple


(No reviews yet) Write a Review