NutriStart: Nutri Glo Skin Cream (60ml)

NutriStart: Nutri Glo Skin Cream (60ml)

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  • Contains Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A.
  • Helps any skin condition involving inflammation or irritation.
  • Treats symptoms of acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea.
  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes, spider veins, wrinkles.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.

Recommended Use

Apply 1/8 tsp, 1 to 3 times daily to troubled or irritated skin, or to prevent aging.




Vitamin A (Palmitate)

2,500 IU

Vitamin D3

1,000 IU

Vitamin K2 (MK7)



Vitamin A topically can increase sensitivity to sunlight. Thus NutriGlo should not be used on exposed tissue, if one is out in the sun. Side effects of vitamin A cream used clinically to treat acne can include redness, burning, peeling or sensitive skin. Side effects associated with vitamin D topical treatments include a burning sensation, light sensitivity, inflammation, skin lesions, or hives. In cases of recorded side effects, the vitamins A and D used were synthetic analogues (pharmaceutical products), and were used at high doses. Since NutriGlo uses natural forms of vitamins, at moderate doses, it is unlikely to have any side effects. Nonetheless, if you experience any side effects while using NutriGlo cream, you should stop treatment immediately, and you may return NutriGlo to your place of purchase for a full refund.

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