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The CRUNCHIEST fresh tasting, lightly salted Walnuts you have ever tried!!!
Activated by soaking overnight to release digestive inhibitors, minimize lectins and phytic acid.
Lightly seasoned with PURE OCEAN AQUIFER SEA SALT from our friends at GATHERING PLACE TRADING makes these super mineral rich and highly addictive!
Dehydrated at low temperatures until crispy and shelf stable.
A rich source of Vitamin E, Potassium and Magnesium, walnuts are Brain Food.
When they are sprouted and dehydrated they make a wonderful shelf stable Snack on the Go!
Our Walnuts start with this year’s harvest of dry farmed HARTLEY Walnuts. Grown on our friend, David Bailey’s Farm in Paso Robles, Central California. Non bitter and buttery.

DRY FARMING is an ancient sustainable farming method of producing crops during the dry season by using the moisture stored in the soil from the previous rainy season. Multiple cover crops are planted and tilled to increase moisture and soil fertility.


Sprouted Organic USA Grown Dry Farmed Walnuts

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