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Our ancient ancestors believed that there were four main elements considered critical energy forces to sustain life. These elements are: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. Each element maintains
and contributes to a particular part of the natural Cycle of Life, and each is interdependent. The relationship of these elements can be witnessed in each season, as the predominant element marks a unique feature of the cycle (Sping: Air, Summer: Fire, Autumn: Earth, Winter: Water). The Greek Goddesses also impart a unique relationship to these seasons, as the mythology surrounding them plays a part in the Cycle of Life as well.

Watch as Aphrodite's Summer embraces you in a blanket of warm summer love, sensuality and heady blossoms. With notes of lavender, Neroli, Rose, and Ylang, this perfume is the perfect complement to a sultry summer's evening.
Element: Fire

Contains Organic Sunflower Oil and Essential Oils.  Made without the use of synthetics or additional fragrance enhancers.  Nothing artificial: the way nature intended!

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