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This gentle cleansing mousse, containing an innovative botanical hyaluronic acid, has been specifically formulated for demanding, dehydrated skin. It removes sebum and make-up gently and thoroughly. A pectin extract refines the skin and makes for a fresher, more vitalised radiance.


Apply to dry skin in the morning and evening. Massage in gently and then rinse off thoroughly. Afterwards, use Serum and your preferred AQUANATURE moisturiser.


AQUA [WATER] Deep spring water or thermal water. Water from the red sandstone strata of the northern Black Forest in Germany. It is obtained from our own well at a depth of 165 meters, and is unchlorinated and naturally pure. Its function is to moisturize the surface of the skin and to act as a solvent for water-soluble ingredients and plant extracts. For some DADO SENS products/ranges, mineral-rich thermal water from Bad Wildbad, Germany, is used instead of the deep spring water. GLYCERIN SORBITOL LAURYL GLUCOSIDE SODIUM LAURYL SULFOACETATE DISODIUM COCOYL GLUTAMATE DECYL GLUCOSIDE SODIUM CHLORIDE BETAINE SODIUM LACTATE CITRIC ACID GALACTARIC ACID POTASSIUM SORBATE AROMA [FRAGRANCE] ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE POWDER TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS SPOROCARP EXTRACT [HYALURONIC ACID] BENZYL SALICYLATE Preserved with potassium sorbate