pilots friend: Energy Drink - Fruit Tonic (150ml)

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Product Overview

Fruit Tonic; crafted in Italy by Doctors for Pilots.

An alternative premium and healthy energy tonic made for professionals.

A perfect luxury gift pack to your health conscious network.

A unique complex flavor; unlike anything you have ever tasted before.

A blend of 14 carefully selected organic and natural fruit juices and herbal extracts.

A balanced source of natural caffeine, derived from Guarana and Kola nut extracts, just the right amount that our body requires to stay at its peak performance without the adverse effects felt from consuming coffee and traditional energy drinks.

Furthermore, PilotsFriend is the unique and pleasingly effective Anti-Hangover natural tonic you can find in the stores today.

Certified Organic | Certified Vegan | All Natural | GMO Free | No Aspartame | No Taurine | No Artifical Flavor | No Preservative.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review