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Natural Factors: Ultimate Prostate Support (60 SoftGels)

Ultimate Prostate Support contains seven of the best-known herbs that support prostate health and function. Prostate enlargement (BPH) is very common among men over 40. It can interfere with urination and is a risk factor for prostate cancer. Ultimate...

Now: Magesium Topical Spray (237ml)

NOW Solutions Magnesium Topical Spray is a pure, highly concentrated, topical magnesium chloride solution sourced from the ancient Zechstein seabed in the Netherlands. This magnesium spray is easily applied and non-greasy. Four sprays provides...

Paleo Protein: Bar - Sunflower Butter (58.3g)

This delicious sweet & creamy peanut tasting bar (nut free) (Organic Sunflower Powder + Egg Whites+ Monk Fruit) is the best tasting and best for you bar on the market. It’s soft and gooey and uses organic prebiotic fiber that curbs appetite...

Paleo Protein: Egg White Protein - Unflavoured (907g)

Paleo Protein Powder Unflavored (Egg White) is a low calorie 100% egg white protein that can be easily mixed with just a spoon. Sourced from egg farms in the USA, this is truly a pure form of protein that is easy to digest. Just two simple...

Pegan Thin: Protein Bar - Sweet Sunflower (65g)

This delicious Vegan & Paleo (Pegan) protein bar packs 20g certified organic seed protein from Watermelon Seeds that have an amazing complete amino acid profile ideal for building lean muscle or aiding in your weight loss or maintenance...

Preferred Nutrition Inc.: BioSil (30ml)

Collagen is the key structural protein for creating smooth skin, thick strong hair, and strong nails. During youth, you have a rich abundance of collagen. In addition, the collagen forms itself in a resilient “tight mesh” matrix. This...

Preferred Nutrition Inc.: HappySense (100mg) (60 Caplets)

HappySense, with 5-HTP, naturally enhances serotonin, which in turn improves mood, reduces cravings and increases energy. Healthy levels of serotonin help to deal with stressors leaving a feeling of relaxation and calm. Low serotonin levels are usually...

We Can Help with Any Health Concerns Our Toronto and Victoria, BC Customers May Have

Although conventional medicine can play a powerful role in preventing and curing many unpleasant diseases, for some ailments herbal remedies and nutritional supplements may also be of benefit. Particularly for chronic “niggling” issues such as fatigue, joint aches, low mood, anxiety, “brain fog” and general feelings of lethargy, vitamins or some other form of supplementation for health concern matters could work really well. Our Canada-based company stocks a wide assortment of products which may help.

Do You Need a Vitamin for a Health Concern?

If you have a particular health concern, why not take a look at our helpful online directory? We have listed a number of common health concerns, along with our recommendations for supplements, nutrients or other measures which may be beneficial. The products we suggest can all be obtained direct from our Toronto and Victoria, BC, stores, or ordered online using our simple, fast ordering system. Why not place an order today and see the difference which plant-based remedies could make to your symptoms?