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Divine Health: MCT Oil Powder (300g)

Keto Zone's MCT Oil Powder is able to aid in putting the body into a state of ketosis. With MCT Oil, the conversion of the ketones provide focus, energy and enhanced weight loss. This supplement also is proficient in appetite suppressing and keeping you...

Julian Bakery: ProGranola - Espresso Cluster (510g)

Delicious, Crunchy, Vanilla Cinnamon Taste That Curbs Appetite Without Bloating.  INGREDIENTS:  Egg White Powder, Organic Soluble Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber (Non-IMO), Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds, MCT Oil (Coconut), Organic...

Paleo Protein: Bar - Sunflower Butter (58.3g)

This delicious sweet & creamy peanut tasting bar (nut free) (Organic Sunflower Powder + Egg Whites+ Monk Fruit) is the best tasting and best for you bar on the market. It’s soft and gooey and uses organic prebiotic fiber that curbs appetite...

Pegan Thin: Protein Bar - Sweet Sunflower (65g)

This delicious Vegan & Paleo (Pegan) protein bar packs 20g certified organic seed protein from Watermelon Seeds that have an amazing complete amino acid profile ideal for building lean muscle or aiding in your weight loss or maintenance...

Primal Thin: Protein Bar - Sweet Cream (54g)

PrimalThin Protein Bars By Julian Bakery: are the culmination of years of research and development by Julian Bakery. We are proud to offer a low calorie, low sugar, low carb, high protein, gluten free, soy free, non-gmo, non-denatured, cold...

InstaKetones: Dietary Supplement - Unflavoured (1283g)

InstaKetones (Exogenous Ketones) dramatically increases endurance and promotes a leaner more sculpted look in conjunction with the IKDiet and exercise plan. It can boost measurable blood ketones by up to 2.0 mmo/L within 40 minutes.* INGREDIENTS: Beta...

InstaKetones: Protein Bar - Orange Burst (59g)

InstaKetone Bar providing 11.7g of GoBHB (Ketones) per bar. This bar is specifically designed to be a meal replacement bar for the IKDiet. (Phase 1 or 2) as it curbs appetite and cravings up to 4 hrs or longer.  This bar improves...

Suzie's Good Fats: Snack Bar - Chocolatey Almond (39g)

Suzie's most scrumptious (and we're thinking will be our best seller) - loaded with creamy chocolate and crunchy pieces of almonds ... a treat and delight.  Also only 2g of sugar, 4g of net carbs, 9g of protein and 14g of good good fats... yummm...

We Can Help with Any Health Concerns Our Toronto and Victoria, BC Customers May Have

Although conventional medicine can play a powerful role in preventing and curing many unpleasant diseases, for some ailments herbal remedies and nutritional supplements may also be of benefit. Particularly for chronic “niggling” issues such as fatigue, joint aches, low mood, anxiety, “brain fog” and general feelings of lethargy, vitamins or some other form of supplementation for health concern matters could work really well. Our Canada-based company stocks a wide assortment of products which may help.

Do You Need a Vitamin for a Health Concern?

If you have a particular health concern, why not take a look at our helpful online directory? We have listed a number of common health concerns, along with our recommendations for supplements, nutrients or other measures which may be beneficial. The products we suggest can all be obtained direct from our Toronto and Victoria, BC, stores, or ordered online using our simple, fast ordering system. Why not place an order today and see the difference which plant-based remedies could make to your symptoms?