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Light Mountain Natural: Conditioner - Neutral (113gm)

Light Mountain Natural Neutral is intended to help condition and provide body & fullness to your hair. Light mountain uses only the finest botanical ingredients and nothing else. Neutral does not provide colour.  INGREDIENTS: Cassia auriculata...

Oneka: Conditioner - Angelica & Lavender (500ml)

Hydrating. Enjoy the soothing effect of the this delicate lavender and angelica aroma blend. Surrender your hair to the benefits of sage, giving it glow and shine, and of horsetail, giving it strength. Our plants are carefully selected for their tonic,...

Oneka: Conditioner - Cedar & Sage (500ml)

Take a deep breath of the Boreal forest’s rich, earthy scent and let our conditioner soothe you. Our Cedar and sage conditioner is specially created to help heal your scalp naturally. The cedar, known for its antibacterial properties will refresh...

Oneka: Conditioner - Goldenseal & Citrus (500ml)

Energizing. Let our rejuvenating citrus blend fill you with vitality. Excellent for hair health, ylang-ylang essential oil will leave your hair shiny and gently infused with its aroma. Goldenseal, a boreal plant, has tonic and purifying effects...

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