Wild Planet: Wild Albacore Tuna Low Sodium (142g)

Wild Planet: Wild Albacore Tuna Low Sodium (142g)

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If you’re watching your sodium intake, Wild Planet Albacore Tuna with No Salt Added is remarkably delicious any way you enjoy tuna on a sandwich, in a Lemony Tuna Melt or in a Salad Nicoise. Firm in texture with a rich, clean taste, this tuna steaks are hand packed raw into each can without any added salt, oil, water or fillers. This tuna is cooked just once to retain all of the natural juices rich in Omega 3 oils, and is lower in mercury as compared to conventional tuna due to the smaller fish we catch. Please don’t drain this tuna – the juices enhance your meal with pure flavor. A Wild Planet tuna sandwich just may be the best you’ve ever tasted!


Albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga)

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