Simply Organic: Basil (15g)

Simply Organic: Basil (15g)

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A lovely member of the mint family with a mildly peppery taste, a hint of clove and mint, basil is at the same time spicy and sweet, warm and fresh.
There are over twelve varieties of Basil grown for culinary use, the most common of these is Ocimum basilicum. ("Basileus" is Greek for "king") Alternative names include herb royale, St. Joseph's wort, and sweet basil. Basil is an annual, herbaceous plant with greenish or whitish flowers, the leaves range in color from dark to light greens (and even purplish hues) with a grayish-green underside. These leaves turn dark quickly after they've been cut, so fast drying at low temperatures is important to preserve color and flavor.


Organic Basil

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