Omega Nutrition: Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (946ml)

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Omega's Certified-Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is made the "old fashioned" way, by allowing the natural fermentation process to occur to full-strength (5% acidity), without chemicals, additives, preservatives or water.


Naturally contains pectin, trace minerals, beneficial bacteria and enzymes making it one of the best medicinal foods available today. High mineral content and ability to balance the body's acid/alkaline levels. As an acid, it has antiseptic qualities that internally cleanses the digestive tract and externally disinfects skin wounds and abrasions. Natural pectin found in unfiltered apple cider vinegar supports healthy elimination and bowels. Phosphorus prevents the formation of putrefactive bacteria. Potassium regulates growth, hydrates cells, balances sodium and enables the proper performance of the nervous system. Helps to remove calcium deposits from joints.


Made from certified organic apples, and prepared and packaged in a certified organic facility. Fermentation process produces 5% acetic acid.

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