Yogi: Honey Lemon Throat Comfort (16 Bags)

Yogi: Honey Lemon Throat Comfort (16 Bags)

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Honey Lemon Throat Comfort tea includes echinacea and other herbs traditionally used for the relief of sore throats.
The perfect way to help soothe your throat is with a cup of our certified organic Honey Lemon Throat Comfort® tea. This traditional herbal formula, flavored with Honey and Lemon, includes Slippery Elm Bark, prized by Western herbalists for its usefulness in relieving minor throat irritation. Wild Cherry Bark, traditionally used by native North Americans for its soothing effects, lends a naturally sweet cherry flavor. We augment this recipe with Echinacea Root and a burst of Peppermint for cooling refreshment. Enjoy our Honey Lemon Throat Comfort tea as a naturally tasty treat or when you need a gentle and comforting blend to soothe your throat.

Recommended Use

Adults steep 1 bag in 8oz (240ml) freshly boiled water for 5 to 10 minutes. Drink 4 cupfuls daily.


Medicinal ingredient(s):

Organic lemongrass whole plant 520mg, organic rooibos leaf 490mg, organic echinacea root and rhizome 250mg, organic licorice root 220mg, organic peppermint leaf 220mg, organic ginger rhizome 120mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredient(s):

Natural honey flavour, organic lemon flavour, organic stevia leaf

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