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Prana Organic Whole Black Chia

Prana Organic Whole Black Chia (1kg)

Breakfast superstar, fabulous vegan baking tool… the list of chia’s nutritional benefits is long, and its reputation precedes it. It’s a naturally gluten-free food, a great plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, a source of protein,...
Prana Organic Whole Black Chia

Prana Organic Whole Black Chia (300g)

Organic black chia seeds May contain Sesame. Caution: Natural products may contain pit, shell, stem and other fragments. origin Mexico / Paraguay / Bolivia
Prana Extaze Cashews

Prana Extaze Cashews (150g)

Extaze: intense experience Crunchy and creamy, our organic roasted salted cashews are simply satisfying. Grab a handful and experience pure ecstasy, bite after bite! Thanks to our unique method, we dry-roast our premium organic cashews and coat them...
Organic Non Roasted Cashews

Prana Organic Non Roasted Cashews (250g)

Buttery, rich and naturally sweet, our non-roasted organic cashews an absolute pleasure to snack on and a versatile ingredient. Ingredients:  Organic cashews
Prana Alegria Hickory BBQ Almonds (150g)

Prana Alegria Hickory BBQ Almonds (150g)

Our BBQ almonds are perfect for your happy hour after work or any other occasion! The spicy BBQ taste will add flavour to your everyday life—make sure to share it though! Ingredients:  Almonds*, Cane sugar*, Vinegar*, Sea salt, Spices*,...
Prana Kabana Maple Sea Salt Nuts (150g)

Prana Kabana Maple Sea Salt Nuts (150g)

Fresh, unique and nutritious, our organic Kabana maple-coated mixed nuts are simply delicious. Grab happiness by the handful! Ingredients:  Sugars* (maple syrup*), Walnuts*, Almonds*, Cashews*, Brazil nuts*, Pumpkin seeds*, Algarve Sea salt,...
Prana Organic Brazil Nuts

Prana Organic Brazil Nuts (250g)

Crunchy, nourishing and good for the Amazonian rainforest. On top of all their health benefits, we love our organic Brazil nuts for their great crunch,  their woody, fresh taste and for how sustainable they are. Ingredients: Organic brazil nuts...
Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Prana Organic Pumpkin Seeds (250g)

These wondrous pumpkin seeds are very popular, and not just because they make a great crunchy snack. Ingredients: Organic pumpkin seeds
Organic Raw Shelled Pistachios

Prana Organic Raw Shelled Pistachios (200g)

The pistachio tree is native to Central Asia but it was the Romans who introduced it to Europe in the 1st century. Wild pistachio trees still grow in the North-East corner of Iran and Afghanistan. Harvested and part of the Middle Eastern, Central Asia...
Organic Raw Pecans

Prana Organic Raw Pecans (180g)

Wild organic raw pecans just like Native Americans used to eat. Those unique organic American Native raw pecans are native non hybridized variety, a truly wild nut you can enjoy just like natives from the Mid-West were enjoying. They grow on non-cloned,...
Organic Almonds - Raw European

Prana Organic Almonds - Raw European (250g)

Prana organic raw almonds make for a nutritious snack and a delicious versatile ingredient. Loaded with antioxidants, raw almonds contain healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. The health benefits of almonds are well document and...
Prana Machu Pichu Trail Mix

Prana Machu Pichu Trail Mix (150g)

An exotic sweet and tangy raw trail mix! This vibrant mix gets its name from Peru’s legendary mountain citadel, and it’ll provide you with the fuel you need to climb it! The exciting mix of nourishing, functional foods such as organic raw...