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Galloping Goose Coffee Kenya (280g)

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Product Overview

This coffee utilizes a traditional, fully-washed process using fresh water from Gathiururuko stream. Cherries are delivered to the wet mill, where they undergo careful sorting to select only the ripest for processing. Red ripe cherries are de-pulped and then fermented in water for 12-48 hours (depending on climatic conditions). The purpose of fermentation is two-fold: first, to break down the remaining sugary mucilage, and second, to develop more complexity in the cup. From here, the coffee is washed & graded in clean water channels and then dried slowly in the sun on raised African beds for around three weeks.

Nyeri County has cool temperatures and fertile central highlands, lying between the Eastern base of the Aberdare (Nyandarua) Range, which forms part of the Eastern end of the Great Rift Valley, and the western slopes of Mt. Kenya, the highest mountain in the country and second highest in Africa after Kilimanjaro. The combination of fertile volcanic soil, seasonal rainfall and high altitude provide the ideal climate for high-quality arabica coffee cultivation. Coffee cherries in these conditions mature slowly, contributing to increased acidity and complexity in the cup. As such, coffees from Nyeri are widely considered some of the best in the world. Source: Olam Specialty Coffee

Process: Fully Washed
Producer: Kiama Farmer's Co-op
Country: Kenya
Roast Profile: Light
Flavour Notes: Bergamot, Orange, Cherry


(No reviews yet) Write a Review