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Galloping Goose Coffee DR Congo (280g)

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Product Overview

This bourbon variety, specialty coffee, comes from Kirumba, Nord-Kivu near Virunga National Park in Eastern DR Congo. The coffee is organic certified, grade Kivu 3 (15+).

Ripe cherries are delivered to the wet mill for careful sorting and pulping before fermentation for 18 - 24 hours, depending on the climatic conditions. Once the mucilage is broken down sufficiently, the coffee is thoroughly washed in clean water channels and graded by bean density before being dried in the sun on raised African beds for 12 - 18 days, depending on conditions, until the ideal moisture level has is reached. The parchment coffee needs to be raked and turned periodically to ensure a consistent drying process and prevent mould or over-fermentation. The coffee is covered at midday to protect it from the hot sun. It is covered again at night to protect it from rainfall and moisture. Once the coffee has dried to the right level, it is transported to Butembo for dry-milling, grading, sorting and hand-picking (triage) before being bagged in GrainPro bags for export. 

Hutwe village is located in the Kirumba region of Nord-Kivu (North of Lake Kivu), on the edge of Virunga National Park, bordered by Uganda to the east. The region has excellent conditions for specialty arabica production with plentiful rainfall, high altitude and highly fertile volcanic soils. However, the region is impoverished and lacks infrastructure, making high-quality arabica both difficult to produce and very challenging to export. Virunga Coffee Company has sought to overcome many of these problems through hands-on farmer education and investment in local infrastructures such as roads and bridges. This has allowed quality improvements every season and, in turn, higher premiums for farmers. 

Process: Fully Washed

Producer: Virunga Coffee Company, Hutwe washing station

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Roast Profile: Medium

Flavour Notes: blackberry, black cherry, dark chocolate, good intensity and a sweet finish


(No reviews yet) Write a Review