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  • Reduces the frequency of colds
  • Encourages overall immune system health, stamina, and endurance to physical and emotional stress
  • The convenience of a capsule, with the concentration of a liquid herb, and no aftertaste

Time-starved. Working hard. Being there for friends. Convenience food. Environmental toxins. Stress can come from many sources and end up compromising immune systems. Botanica Super Astragalus has been designed to deeply support the immune function as a response to physical and emotional stress.


Alcohol-Free Concentrated Extract 1300 mg
Synergistic Extract Blend:
Ecologically harvested Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus)
Ecologically havested Schisandra berry (Schisandra chinensis)
Ecologically harvested Ligustrum berry (Ligustrum lucidum)

Every 2 capsules contain 2100 mg dry herb equivalent

Other ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, vegetable cellulose (capsule).