Clear+Clean: Natural Disinfectant - Eucalyptus and Lemon (500ml)

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Product Overview

Truly natural disinfectant, room spray, fabric refresher. 

Silver Ion Technology + Aromatherapy Kills 99% of Germs!

A pioneer product! Natural bleach-free disinfectant that does triple duty as a room spray and fabric refresher as well. Our broad spectrum anti-microbial disinfectant kills germs on contact*. Made from the pure essence of our planet, Clear+Clean™ combines the gentle disinfecting power of Premium Ionic Silver with pure essential oils that are safe for your whole family.

•Kills bacteria and mold
•Safe for furniture, family and pets
•Septic tank safe
•No rinsing or wiping needed

Easy to refill 500 ml spray bottle made with BPA free PET

* Third party laboratory tests found that our Premium Ionic Silver instantly killed 99% of the following microbes on contact: e.coli, salmonella, listeria, candida, staph, enterococcus, MRSA and pseudomonas.


Ultrapure water, premium ionic silver, eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils. 


Spray the air to sanitize and deodorize rooms. Spray on materials and surfaces thoroughly. Air dry or wipe dry. To refresh clothes/fabrics, spray thoroughly and air fluff in dryer.


Conduct colour/stain test before use. Do not spray into the eyes or mouth. Do not use on leather, suede, silk or fabrics that may water spot. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review