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New Roots  42 Billion+ Probiotics (30 VCaps)

New Roots 42 Billion+ Probiotics (30 VCaps)

Human Probiotics is formulated with 12 human-sourced probiotic strains, potency-validated with 42 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per enteric-coated capsule. Isolated from healthy individuals,...
New Roots Herbal Stevia Sweetleaf (30ml)

New Roots Stevia Sweetleaf (30ml)

A liquid sweetener in a convenient small container that fits in any purse, stevia is safe for diabetics. Used as a sugar replacement, stevia reduces high blood sugar levels, does not promote tooth...
New Roots Ultra Stress (180 VCaps)

New Roots Ultra Stress B Complex + Vitamin C (180 VCaps)

The first of its kind, Ultra Stress B Complex incorporates coenzyme (active form) B vitamins, functional flush-free niacin, and enhanced-absorption choline, all enhanced with 425 mg of...
New Roots Liquid Vitamin D3 2,500IU (30ml)

New Roots Liquid Vitamin D3 2,500IU (30ml)

Each drop of Extra Strength Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) contains 2,500 IU of this critical vitamin for general health. It is a convenient alternative for those with difficulty swallowing. This is...
New Roots RiboEndurance Mag (300g)

New Roots RiboEndurance Mag (300g)

Caffeine-free pre‑workout formula to enhance energy and endurance. It dissolves quickly and has a neutral flavour for added versatility of dosage forms. Formulated with ᴅ‑ribose and magnesium,...
New Roots Liquid Melatonin

New Roots Liquid Melatonin (95ml)

Liquid Melatonin is a fast-acting therapeutic alternative to tablet form. It helps restore a healthy circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle), critical for immune-system performance and great health in...
New Roots Vitamin B2 100mg

New Roots Vitamin B2 100mg (60 vcaps)

Each plant-based, non‑GMO capsule contains 100 mg of vitamin B2 as riboflavin and riboflavin-5′‑phosphate (R5P). Riboflavin ranks among the most critical of the B‑complex group. It’s the...
New Roots Ultra Zinc 30mg

New Roots Ultra Zinc 30mg (90 caps)

New Roots Herbal’s Ultra Zinc is formulated with ʟ‑taurine, B vitamins, and nutraceuticals, which enhance assimilation of this critical trace element in human nutrition. Ingredients:  Each...
New Roots Quercetin 500mg

New Roots Quercetin 500mg (90 VCaps)

Quercetin is a plant-sourced antioxidant compound for the maintenance of good health. Ongoing research proves exciting for the current role of quercetin in global health. Ingredients:  Each...
New Roots Sterols & Sterolins

New Roots Sterols & Sterolins (60 sgels)

Phytosterols and sterolins are plant fats and alcohols. They were originally suspected of being good immune modulators, but more recently, their ability to modulate and lower cholesterol has moved to...
New Roots Herbal L-Theanine

New Roots L-Theanine ( 30 VCaps)

L‑Theanine is the amino acid critical for its calming influence on cognitive function. It crosses the blood-brain barrier to help establish a state of relaxation while maintaining alertness. Upon...
New Roots Herbal Juicy Immune - Energy

New Roots Juicy Immune - Energy (305g)

Juicy Immune ‑ Energy is a nutritional powerhouse that delivers a broad spectrum of compounds from a proprietary blend of nine berries and fruits formulated with standardized extracts...
New Roots Herbal Prostate Perform (60 SoftGels)

New Roots Prostate Perform (60 SoftGels)

Prostate Perform is an effective prostate-support formulation. Prostate Perform relieves the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), including frequent urination particularly at night,...
New Roots Quercetin Complex

New Roots Quercetin Complex 250 mg (90 VCaps)

Quercetin Bioflavonoid Complex contains naturally sourced citrus bioflavonoids, quercetin‚Äë, and rutin-based flavonoids, along with the potent proteolytic enzyme bromelain...
New Roots  Active Folate (60 VCaps)

New Roots Active Folate (60 VCaps)

Active folic acid (ʟ‑5‑methyltetrahydrofolate) is critical for prenatal health, embryonic nervous-system development, and protection from neural-tube deficiency. ʟ‑5‑Methyltetrahydrofolate helps...
New Roots Herbal Vitamin C8 (250g)

New Roots Vitamin C8 (250g)

Not all vitamin C products are created equal — For your body to truly get all the benefits of vitamin C, it needs to get it from more than one source...
New Roots  Travelers' Probiotic (30 VCaps)

New Roots Travelers' Probiotic (30 VCaps)

Side effect–free protection from travelers’ sickness Neutralizes harmful bacterial toxins Protects your intestines Maintains healthy intestinal flora during travel abroad ...