What is Nordora Skin Care?

Posted by Nordora on 2018 Jul 5th

What is Nordora Skin Care?

Note: This blog post is written by the fine folks from Nordora. :)

Harsh winters, hot summers with long exposure to UV rays, rainy autumns... There is no doubt that the nature around us undergoes one of the harshest environment on our planet. Yet every spring, the Canadian Boreal nature reborn, comes to life once more...

With a nature that regenerates itself so well, one needs to ask if it has a secret! And who knows, maybe a good secret to know, which could be beneficial for us?

After 8 years of laboratory research, we discovered that the Canadin trees possess unique molecules that can be isolated and used.

These trees, to survive, have developed in their barks unique molecules that allow them to protect themselves and flourish despite been in one of the most challenging and extreme environment of the planet.

Their barks have concentrations of molecules well above the trees further south or elsewhere. The Canadian trees are true reservoir for human health solution.

For the last 8 years, researchers from Canadian Academic Centers analyze and test these molecules to find their beneficial use for us.A breakthrough in anti-aging, Nordora uses several of these rejuvenating molecules to provide a natural and effective anti-aging face care line.

All Nordora face care products slow and reduce the signs of aging.

Where are these rejuvenating molecules used by Nordora coming from?

They come from the bark of six Canadian trees that are found in large numbers in the Boreal region: Black Spruce, Red Maple, Grey Pine , White Spruce , Yellow Birch and White Birch.

In the field of natural anti-aging, the discovery of these molecules is a real revolution.

It’s from the skin tree, their bark, that are extracted the molecules. Over six Boreal trees contain molecules that have regenerative properties of the skin. All have special benefits and work synergistically to rejuvenate our skin. Red Maple and Black Spruce, which grows in the Northern part of Canada, particularly have remarkable anti-aging visible effects.

Finally, effective molecules without petrochemicals or other synthetic ingredients.

The natural molecules extracted from the boreal trees offer 6 anti-aging benefits clinically proven: anti-wrinkle, firming, antioxydant, refine pores & lifting effect, outstanding deep moisturizing and relieves redness.

All these benefits are the result of the action of the molecules on the collagen and elastin of the skin, the diminution of free radicals and the stimulation of Aquasporine -3 gene.

Buy Nordora Skin Care

Nordora comes in 8 products:

  • Face CreamNormal SkinSensitive SkinDry Skin (50ml),
    moisturizes the skin while transferring its anti-aging Biovitality throughout the day.
  • Serum (30ml), a concentrated treatment that works deeply, with the added tightening effect of White Spruce.
  • Eye Contour (15ml), Deep moisturizing, which leaves no sticky effect and penetrates quickly to allow makeup application.
  • Rejuvenating Mask (190ml), made from Manicouagan clay, one of the richest mineral clays on earth. Leaves the skin feeling purified, remineralized and revitalized.
  • Exfoliating Facial Gel (120ml), Cleans and removes impurities thanks to fine particles of Red Maple bark. Enriched with extracts of White Birch to purify the skin.
  • Makeup Remover Milk (120ml), made with White Birch water, it removes water-resistant makeup while purifying the skin.

Nordora is eco-responsible.

No trees are cut down specifically to create Nordora skincare products. We use tree bark, rich in regenerative molecules, that is harvested at the end of timber processing. The bark's valuable Biovitality is then extracted. We insist on a respectful, ecofriendly approach to the boreal forest and only deal with ethical Canadian producers.


Nordora, the natural anti-aging Biovitality of the Boreal trees revealed by science for proven, effective results.