Peachy Keen

With summer in full effect I would imagine that you’re delighting your taste buds with all of the gorgeous fruits that are bountiful this time of year. Between the blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries, it may be easy (or not!) to overlook the mighty peach.

Surely everyone has a memory of driving through the Okanagan Valley and stopping at one of the many farmers stands to scoop up a bag of that seasons peaches. How do you know if you’ve got a good peach? Well first off it will be so juicy that you’ll need to wash your face, and maybe even change your shirt if you went at it with unabated joy. Second, the taste will transform you…forever. I’m not kidding! I still remember the first peach pie I ate with my family during one of our many camping excursions when I was a kid. Add some whipped topping and the perfection that is the peaches and cream dream comes true (if that makes you think of the Peaches and Cream Barbie then hello fellow 80’s baby!).

Now if the taste of a peach wasn’t enough reason for you to try it out then bear with me as I share some of my top reasons why peaches will always have a soft spot in my tummy:

  1. Prebiotic Support – Oh yeah, gut health all the way. Prebiotics are essential for strong gut health as they act as a very special type of fiber that supports your microbiome, aka., the good bacteria that lives in your GI tract. Peaches can help feed that good gut bacteria.
  2. Vitamin C – Peaches are packed with Vit C which is a true health warrior when it comes to providing protection against free radicals roaming around your system. Vit C is also a key component to the production of collagen which helps us to have strong, hair, skin, nails and you guessed it, great gut health.
  3. Potassium – Banana’s needn’t get all the glory when it comes to packing a strong potassium punch. Peaches also hold this distinction. Why is potassium important you ask? Well it’s an electrolyte that keeps your blood healthy for starters and if you suffer from high blood pressure then you’ll definitely want to check this mineral out.

Now onto some other highly relevant yet kind of abstract peach news:

  1. The Environmental Working Group consistently lists peaches as a “dirty food” due to its high content of detectable pesticide residues. Going local, organic and pesticide free is the way to go when purchasing this tasty fruit. Not sure? Ask the farmer. Still no answer? Buy your peaches from a store that offers the organic variety…I think I know a place for you;)
  2. If you suffer from ‘Oral Allergy Syndrome’ then peaches may not be a food that you want to consume. Essentially if you get reactions from birch, grass and/or ragweed pollen then there are certain foods that may also trigger a reaction in you. Birch and grass pollen are most commonly associated with a potential cross-reactivity in peaches.
  3. Latex allergy sufferers may also want to avoid peaches due to its potential to illicit an allergic response.

Now go out and eat some tasty peaches!




2 Peaches (large)

1 cup Cherries


  1. Preheat grill to medium heat.
  2. Cut the peaches in half and remove the pits. Cut the cherries in half and remove the pits.
  3. Place the peaches and cherries face down on the grill and grill for 5 to 8 minutes, or until slightly charred. (Note: Use a basket to grill the cherries if the grates of the grill are too far apart.)
  4. Remove everything from the grill and let cool. When cool enough to handle, roughly chop the cherries and stuff them into the centre of each peach. Enjoy!

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