Natural First Aid Remedies

Posted by Dr. Kim McQueen, BSc. ND on 2019 Jul 8th

Natural First Aid Remedies

Dear Dr.Kim

My family and I are heading camping this summer. I would like to make a natural kit of first aid remedies. Do you have some suggestions?

C.R. Victoria


Dear C.R.

Fun! This is a great idea. Our family likes to camp too and I pack a small supply to be at the ready, in case something unexpected comes up. I figure that it is like carrying an umbrella on a cloudy day – surely that will ward off the rain. Here are some suggestions to carry you on your adventures:

  • Citronella bug spray. Also, adults or teenagers can take an oral B complex to help limit being a target for bike bites.
  • Vitamin C to provide immune support – should you need it.
  • Natural sunscreen. The Environmental Working Group does a review of sunscreens to help you navigate limiting chemical exposure.
  • Aloe vera gel for topical application, in case someone in your group gets too much sun
  • Traumacare cream –for any musculoskeletal aches, injury or bug bites.
  • A shelf stable probiotic to have on hand to ward off or treat tummy troubles, if they crop up.
  • Apis homeopathic should someone in your group fall victim to a bee or wasp sting. This can be dosed orally as soon as possible and each hour for several hours to help bring down the local irritation (this is not a treatment for people who are anaphylactic).
  • Zinc lozenges –in case a sore throat appears.

You will be prepared of anything should arise, but here’s to a trip free of trouble!

“Health from the inside out.”

Dr. Kimberly McQueen BSc, ND is a Naturopathic Physician in Victoria, BC. In addition to her clinic work she works with Rowing Canada’s National Team program, and has been a consultant to the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence and Rugby Canada. P:778.433.4935 and Kim McQueen is a Co-developer of the nourishing beverage, Rumble.