Keys: RediCare (118ml)

Keys: RediCare (118ml)

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Keys RediCare Healing Therapy Spray is a fast relief broad spectrum spray that treats the many skin conditions created by a harsh environment.
Keys' engineering objective for RediCare was as a fast relief broad spectrum spray that would affect many skin conditions created by a harsh environment. For people and pets, RediCare had to be a product that works fast, lasts long and has a reversal of conditions like chemical induced dermatitis, burns, sap like natural poisons and disorders caused by illness. From the beginning we realized that it had to be a universal product that did many things, but we did not know or realize how many. The fact that RediCare repels an estimated 200 insects and has been reported to kill lice was a bonus in disguise. So, to understand RediCare, you must understand the ingredients, why we chose them and what they do.

As with all Keys products, Redicare is chemical-free, vegan, and never tested on animals. No fragrances or preservatives are added. Keys is a small US company that blends ancient remedies with modern technology. Keys products are formulated to help with natural anti-aging, sensitive skin, skin allergies, skin disorders and cancer recovery. We really can't say enough good things about them. You will just have to try some Keys products and see for yourself!


Natural Insect repellent for flying and crawling insects
Natural skin therapy for burns and sunburns
Helps with skin irritations caused by chemicals, pollutants and allergens
Reported to relieve dry patchy itchy areas associated with internal disorders like diabetes, shingles and chemotherapy induced dry skin
Natural afterbath skin conditioner and anti-itch remedy
Light moisturizing sprayable body lotion
Reported to help with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and chemical induced dermatitis
Helps heal scrapes, abrasions and minor cuts
Natural spray-in leave-in hair conditioner
Anti-itch and natural anti-inflammatory for insect bites like bees, fire ants and non poisonous spiders

Recommended Use

RediCare is very special because it is actually a sprayable lotion. Open the top and RediCare is the consistency of a thick soup. The advanced engineering technology of the trigger sprayer turns the lotion into a fine mist covering large areas. Touch the sprayer handle lightly and it delivers a spot amount of lotion that can be rubbed into the skin. This unique delivery systems created a long list of uses for the pharma grade ingredients that are in therapeutic proportions.


Purified water, avocado oil, carrot seed oil, black cumin oil, neem oil, karanja oil, keys redipellent, shea butter, blood orange (EO), clary sage (EO), vegetable glycerin, vegetable wax, rosemary extract.

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