HeartFelt Living Health Products Inc.: Bath Salt with Lavender Oil (1kg)

HeartFelt Living Health Products Inc.: Bath Salt with Lavender Oil (1kg)

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Heartfeltliving Health Products Inc. Himalayan Crystal Salt Bath Salt with Lavender Oil: Our skin is the biggest organ we have and most skin problems have almost always something to do with the intestines or the soul.
A sole-bath rejuvenates, stimulates the skin and supports the external effect of drinking the brine. For a long time it has been well known that crystal-salt-sole-bath can be beneficial for skin irritations, recovering from surgery, women's problems and in general for the body's purification.

Take a handful of crystal bath salt to start and increase over time. During the full moon the body benefits more from the salt-bath because it will absorb the most mineras from it. The bio energetic weak points are also harmonized in this period of time. The body's own energy is more activated by a full moon. During a new moon, on the other hand, is the best time for cleansing the body. Its capacity for detoxification is at its highest level. Take a bath for about 15 to 20 minutes, not more than once or twice a week. Do not use any chemical substances. After the bath, let your skin air dry. It is also recommended to lie down after a bath for minimum half an hour. If the concentration in a bath is too strong, then take a footbath instead.


100% Pure Crystal Salt and 100% Pure Lavender Oil


Since the salt is very powerful anyone with heart trouble or any kind of health problems should consult a physician or naturopathic doctor before taking a sole-bath.

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