Keys: Reflex (30ml)

Keys: Reflex (30ml)

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With Keys Reflex ProBiome, you can expect reduction or elimination of fine lines, reduction of expression lines, skin toning, skin surface sculpting, firmness, and more even skin color. The smooth luminescent finish and quick absorption into the skin are hallmarks of the quality of Keys Reflex ProBiome.
We would place Reflex ProBiome in any competition against ‘any’ other anti-aging or wrinkle solutions. Besides our confidence in Reflex ProBiome performance, it is completely made from natural unmodified ingredients. It outperforms international chemical laden brands at a fraction of the cost. The reason is simple: 7 natural pharma grade ingredients compared to 50-75 ingredients that sometimes include hormones, Botox and exotic aggressive chemicals.

The secret of Reflex ProBiome is the combination of natural ingredients, the quality of the ingredients and the fact that all ingredients are whole and functional. Functional ingredients are those that are not over-processed and contain the whole properties from nature. Functional ingredients are on purpose and perform needed features and benefits to maximize skin appearance, hydration and skin health.

Reflex ProBiome is made from the purest organic oils assembled to replicate the skin’s own sebum while offering tetrapeptides, triglycerides, fatty acids, quadracarotenoids and nutrients that affect skin cell shape and health. Combining Organic Virgin Avocado oil, Organic Virgin Tamanu oil, Shea oil, ancient renowned Black Seed oil, Bergamot essential oil and the undisputable performance of Carrot Seed oil with Keys' own Miras organic extract makes Reflex ProBiome a functional anti-aging product that is created from pure natural ingredients.


Fine line reduction or elimination
Expression line reduction
Regenerative skin firmness
Keys trademark luminescence
Maximum ‘Tri-level’ skin hydration
New smoother skin tone
Some skin sculpting
More even skin color and appearance

Recommended Use

Drop a small amount on fingertip from dropper and apply to skin evenly.


Organic virgin avocado oil, black seed oil, virgin Tamanu oil, Shea oil, Keys Miras*, carrot seed oil, bergamot essential oil.

Does not contain



Not for use in eyes.

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