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Bob's Red Mill: Baking Soda (454g)

Baking Soda is plain bicarbonate of soda, a top-quality leavening agent. Use it in combination with buttermilk, cocoa, or other acidic ingredients for non-yeasted baking recipes. INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate.

Bob's Red Mill: Cornstarch (510g)

Cornstarch is a dense powder made from the endosperm portion of the corn kernel. Use it as a thickener for pies or sauces, or as an ingredient in gluten free baking. INGREDIENTS: Cornstarch.      

Bob's Red Mill: Tapioca Flour (454g)

Tapioca Flour is a grain-free flour made from cassava root. It is a starchy, slightly sweet flour that is a staple for gluten free baking. It's also a good ingredient for thickening soups, sauces, and pie fillings. INGREDIENTS: Tapioca.    ...

Bob's Red Mill: Xanthan Gum (227g)

Xanthan Gum is an essential ingredient for gluten free baking. It acts as an emulsifier and a binder, and adds volume to gluten free breads, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. INGREDIENTS: Xanthan Gum.

Purest: Baking Soda (453g)

Purest Baking Soda is a top quality leavening agent with no aluminum and no bitter aftertaste. It is Gluten and Corn free. INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonte.  

Savor: Organic Blackstrap Molasses (750g)

Savor's Blackstrap Molasses is a tasty addition to dressings and marinades of all kinds. With no additives or preservatives, Savor's Organic Molasses is the perfect organic replacement for refined molasses.  Ingredients: Organic Blackstrap Molasses.

Silver Hills: Organic Sprouted Bagels - Plain (400g)

There's nothing plain about these soft, chewy bagels crafted from a flavourful blend of sprouted organic whole wheat & organic wheat flour. Our family's proprietary sprouting process gives grains superpowers. INGREDIENTS: Water, organic sprouted...

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